Molotov relies on Scality software-defined object storage for boundless scalability, quick content retrieval, and always-on availability

San Francisco, CA – September 18, 2017 Scality, a world leader in object and cloud storage, today announced that Molotov, which was designated “Best App of the year” by both Apple and Google, has expanded the Scality RING object storage back-end to its media content repository. Molotov depends on Scality as a core component of its multi-million subscriber solution, enabling customers to watch programming where and when they want to. In a business where user experience is as important as content itself, the innovative television streaming service keeps subscribers watching without interruption.

“Molotov is a new vision of television distribution, reinventing the daily pleasure of watching TV. We distribute television networks and channel offerings in a way never done before, providing a user experience that is second to none. Using Scality RING as our storage system ensures that content retrieval is quick and efficient and is always available. Subscribers get what they want, where and when they want it.”
Thomas Sangouard

CIO at Molotov

Just a year after its launch, Molotov supports multi-million users who demand smooth content delivery. Scality RING satisfies with easy storage expansion and interruption-free upgrades with no perceived bottlenecks. Bottom line: the latter-day television pioneer provides ‘television everywhere’ with the help of Scality RING.
“The requirement for real-time content delivery without interruption, makes Scality RING indispensable to Molotov’s service. Scaling along with business requirements and interruption-free hot upgrades with no impact on service is testament to the power of Scality RING for media and entertainment environments that demand zero downtime.”
Erwan Menard


About Scality

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