Powering a feature-rich, always-on cloud PVR service

Broadpeak and Scality have partnered to architect a solution that offers the performance demanded by consumers —  plus the low cost, scalability and resiliency that TV service providers require to maintain 24×7 service.

Scality provides cost-effective, infinitely scalable, geographically distributed storage ideally suited to the demands of media and video content — a perfect complement to Broadpeak’s portfolio of solutions and technologies, which power the delivery of movies, television programming and other video content over managed networks and the internet for viewing on any type of device.



Scality RING lowers TCO through storage usage efficiency, standard x86 server support and simple management — and it grows with production, resolution and your catalog, offering unlimited, linear scalability.


Scality enables 100% availability and up to 14 nines durability, with multi-site options to tolerate entire site failure. Upgrade, expand and maintain access, even during unexpected outages — it’s good for business.


Zenko was originally designed to be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster. To bring Zenko on-premises, we started the MetalK8s project. For production deployments, we needed things like monitoring capabilities, log management, user authentication and other security concerns, load balancing and many other key services that are not part of Kubernetes’ core.
We, therefore, decided to create MetalK8s as an open-source project, an opinionated Kubernetes distribution with a focus on long-term on-prem deployments.  Our latest release with MetalK8s was built to deploy Zenko on bare metal (on any server or available VM). Although it’s fine-tuned for Zenko deployments, MetalK8s can be used for any application built to run on Kubernetes. Learn more about MetalK8s on GitHub.


Broadpeak’s cloud PVR solution enables the implementation of cloud DVR services in a shared copy, private copy or hybrid mode. For private copy-based deployments, Scality additionally supports a number of storage optimizations, such as low-profile storage, file-based deduplication and storage tiering.


It’s easier than you think! The Broadpeak cloud PVR solution is pre-integrated with the major content management systems and supports delivery to legacy STBs and OTT devices. Equally, the Scality RING solution is pre-integrated and tuned for the Broadpeak cloud DVR workload.

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The solution

Flexible and modular, Broadpeak’s cloud PVR solution is built around a high-performance recorder (with built-in caching). A recording manager oversees the copy policy and scheduling of recordings.
Storage costs are optimized by using on-the-fly packaging and leveraging Scality’s RING storage.


Broadpeak Solution Sheet

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