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Active Archive Data Storage for the Public Sector

Governments are transforming digitally, to deliver an array of data-rich services for public use. Intelligence, security and other services create a need to store and secure vast amounts of big data. Data also has value over time and must be retained. New initiatives focus on extracting value and enabling access for institutions and to the public, but with stringent data privacy requirements. This new ‘data as value’ era in government has challenges that can be solved efficiently only through modern digital infrastructures.

No shortage of data

Public safety services use video to record incidents; intelligence and other agencies collect forensics and digital evidence to secure borders, provide travel safety and protect public assets from threats. Research, public health, transportation and safety services are all data-intensive. This places new demands on government data infrastructures, to manage growth of storage capacities and the need to preserve and secure data, while preserving privacy rules and regulations.

More data, more value

Health and welfare – and supporting research– are a big part of government today. Public health services are a major driver in the need for big data storage with smart analytics that can extract value from public data. Governments will need to leverage today’s advancements in applications, cloud computing, security while ensuring that precious public funds are allocated in the best way and at the lowest possible costs.

keeping up with growth and regulation

as data stores grow, so do rules

Enabling new services

New government services for security, police, healthcare and transportation require new technology infrastructure.

Massive growth of big data

Services ranging from video surveillance in public venues, public healthcare and public services will generate big data that needs to be securely stored and managed.

Ensuring data privacy and security

Government privacy regulations such as GDPR in Europe, and in healthcare – mandate the need to protect personally identifiable information.

Regulatory compliance

Data must be stored securely, and in many cases must be stored in specific geographic regions or clouds.

Efficient use of public funds

New infrastructures should be based on modern, reliable, yet low cost of ownership technologies. 

Future proofing and cloud

Government services will need to leverage dedicated clouds, and to securely manage data across on-premises and cloud environments.



Digital transformation

To support new data-driven services, Scality provides solutions for underlying big data storage and management.

Unbounded scalability

RING supports growth of big data to dozens of Petabytes and beyond.

Unbreakable security

Data privacy is ensured through the RING’s industry-standard AES256 bit encryption, key-based authentication, and access control.

Data sovereignty

Zenko provides data location control to specific regions, and provides global data views to locate, search and manage data for compliance.

Affordable and low-TCO

Scality software is designed to be deployed on standard x86 hardware & standard IP-based networks, for the best choice and lowest cost.

Path toward the cloud

Zenko can enable on-premises data to be integrated with government public cloud services, to enable future Hybrid IT solutions.


Scality Public Sector Active Archive Application Partners

Working with global partners to provide the highest standards across archiving.

Public Sector Storage. Solved.

Use Cases for Industry

Government Clients

Public sector Solutions

The Scality RING is a high-performance software storage solution for massive volumes of data. Whether from video surveillance, IoT, genomics stores, regulatory or research, Scality’s solutions enable storage, management, availability and control of data at and beyond petabyte-scale storage.  Build on-premises infrastructures with Scality RING and any industry standard servers at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage; manage data across clouds and on-premises storage with Zenko–all the while knowing it is safe and secure. 









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Scality RING provides a infinitely-scalable repository for any unstructured data use-cases in private, hybrid & multi-cloud deployments.

Zenko extends data management to and across multiple clouds, public and private, making it easier to manage data no matter where it is.

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