Leading telecom operator expands cloud-based services for 25+ million customers with Scality

SFR strengthens its customer-first reputation and grows its offerings with Scality RING

Not afraid to innovate, France’s number one alternative telecommunications operator provides voice, video, data and internet telecommunications services, as well as professional services for consumers and businesses.

Serving more than 25 million customers, SFR has strengthened its customer-first reputation by leveraging the flexibility of the Scality RING to build a broad portfolio of cloud-based services, supporting a variety of applications for online backup and archiving, file sync and share applications, video on demand and several mobile applications — all from a single, shared storage environment.

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SFR & Scality

The success of SFR and Scality is a strong example of how software-defined storage enables service providers to generate revenue by expanding their services beyond their traditional offerings.

“Scality is so much more than a storage supplier. By working with Scality, we benefit from a professional team of storage experts that have helped us maintain leadership in this industry through innovation and with services that really help our customers.”

Bruno Beaugrand,Development & Marketing Cloud Director,


Backup and archiving at low TCO

It started in 2010 when SFR was looking to consolidate internal storage services, including backup and archiving. The flexibility of the Scality RING platform, as well as its low TCO and easy scalability, led the SFR team to choose Scality.

By 2012, SFR saw that they could build services for their customers using the same technology that was serving their own internal business well, so they developed two external services using Scality RING — SFR Sync and SFR Backup — and offered the services to consumer and business customers.

SFR has since expanded both its service offerings and storage capacity. In 2014, they added a content delivery network (CDN) service to the portfolio — and they just keep growing.

Today, they store more than 7PB of data on HPE servers running Scality RING software-defined storage using both file and object interfaces to a variety of applications, including Commvault, Symantec, Ctera and Nomadesk.


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