Telco giant Orange supports millions of users with Scality RING

The solution has met all performance requirements and greatly reduced the cost of cloud storage

Orange S.A., formerly France Télécom S.A., is a French multinational telecommunications corporation. With 256 million customers worldwide, 95,000 employees in France and 59,000 elsewhere, it’s the tenth-largest mobile network operator in the world and the fourth largest in Europe.

The challenge

Orange was looking for an infrastructure that would allow them to pool all their data, from emails to personal drive to Internet-of-Things and more, and grow with their subscriber base — all while lowering costs.

“Scality met our TCO requirements and allowed us to greatly reduce our cost of cloud storage. In terms of performance requirements, we might have had some doubts or concerns at the very beginning of the project, but Scality definitely delivered so we’re very satisfied.”

Philippe Moreaux

Director data & services API, Orange

The outcome

Infinitely scalable while boosting performance and capacity, Scality RING has helped Orange gain a level of control that’s allowed them to seamlessly roll out new services on top of the RING infrastructure without having to worry about adding additional storage.

Because Scality’s software-defined storage solution decouples the software layer from the hardware it manages, Orange is fully protected against downtime. Erasure coding insulates data from hardware failures. The result is a truly always-on, 24×7 operational system.

To date, Orange is operating storage in the double-digit petabyte scale, and the speed of growth is accelerating. The icing on the cake — RING has met the company’s TCO requirements, resulting in a substantial cost reduction.

Infinite scalability

Because storage growth is continuous, Orange requires a solution that easily scales without limits or interruptions — Scality RING delivers.


On top of improved service, RING has allowed Orange to “greatly reduce the cost of cloud storage” compared to their legacy solution.

Resilience, availability & reliability

Scality RING makes 100% availability possible, even through expansions, upgrades and the loss of a data center.


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