built a multi-petabyte streaming infrastructure with Scality RING


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DMM is the largest video distribution business in Japan. They sought a storage solution for their Origin Server that could manage performance with absolute stability at petabyte scale – and grow with their business and catalog. They have been growing easily with Scality RING since 2015.

DMM significantly lowered storage costs

“We mainly use Scality RING for storage for distribution of digital contents such as video. In this business, as new content is added daily, securing and adding storage capacity is one of the major tasks.”

“With the previous system, there was a problem of performance degradation when capacity exceeded a certain level. As a result, there were many medium-sized storage units, and we had a lot of problems managing them. ”

Nobuhiko Watanabe

Manager, Infrastructure Division, Labo Corporation

Nobuhiko Watanabe

Primary Benefits of Scality RING

  • Hardware freedom

    Scalability and Ease of Management

    Scality RING is flexible and DMM can add server capacity as the content library grows.

  • Unlimited Scaling

    Reduced Hardware and High Performance no longer needed alternative storage systems for high-demand, high-volume content.

  • Uninterrupted Service

    Significantly lower storage cost

    DMM has been able to upgrade and expand its storage infrastructure while lowering costs.

With Scality RING, scalability is no more our pain point

With an ever growing content library of more than 300,000 titles, most of them decidedly not mainstream, delivers results on the search for different media. It does so fast and in most any file format you want.

Shifting core components of its content library to the Scality RING provided Mr. Watanabe’s team immediate relief. The Scality RING was effortlessly capable of handling all requirements that’s customers could throw at it. In fact, it did it so well that reduced the cost of its content delivery network. And no longer needed alternative storage systems for high-demand, high-volume content. Everything was easier. And took less time.

Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Scality RING SDS Software

Solution Overview

Software-Defined Storage

Third-party Applications

  • Wowza Streaming Engine

3 years

Growing with Scality RING
since 2015

4 PB

Usable storage growth from 1 PB to 4 PB in 2 years


Scality RING deliver video streaming performance


The number of movie titles in the content library


Renting a video used to be difficult

Video rental stores were never where they were needed. Popular videos were always in short supply. If you did manage to find the right film, the DVD was scratched or the video cassette not rewound. And then, once you had seen it, you had to return it to the store again. Tedious.

Such high-demand, high-volume sales required the Infrastructure Division at under Mr. Watanabe to move that title to an alternative storage system to ensure a decent customer experience. The ongoing strong growth of the content library was also driving existing systems to costly limits. Upgrades were expensive and required migrations of existing data – a time-consuming exercise, to say the least.

Scality RING provides Petabyte-scale Storage Solutions