Japan’s largest video distribution company builds a multi-petabyte streaming infrastructure with Scality

Scality RING supplies absolute stability at petabyte scale to support tens of millions of users, Ltd. is a Japan-based e-commerce and Internet company with a diversified group of businesses that includes online shopping and video-on-demand service. has earned the title of the largest video distribution business in Japan. As of May 2021, it had about 32 million registered users who rely on its services and offerings.

The challenge


The company sought a storage solution for their origin server that could manage performance with absolute stability at petabyte scale — plus, seamlessly grow with their business and catalog. 

CDN costs and dedicated systems for each campaign: Many customers sporadically access the campaigns that conducts. Therefore, predicting the system load is difficult, and they were offloading to CDN. In addition, they used to have to construct a dedicated system for each campaign.

Expensive, time-consuming upgrades and migrations: Such high-demand, high-volume streaming often required the infrastructure division at to move titles to an alternative storage system to ensure a decent customer experience.

The continuous growth of their content library was also driving existing systems to costly limits. Upgrades were expensive and required migrations of existing data — a time-consuming exercise, to say the least.

“We mainly use Scality RING for storage for distribution of digital content, such as video. In this business, as new content is added daily, securing and adding storage capacity is one of the major tasks.“

Nobuhiko Watanabe,Manager, Infrastructure Division Labo Co.

The outcome

CDN costs eliminated and campaigns simplified: Thanks to Scality RING, offloading to CDN became unnecessary. And the dedicated system used to have to construct for each campaign? No more. They now omit this construction.

Scalability is no longer a pain point: With an ever-growing content library of more than 300,000 titles, most of them decidedly not mainstream, delivers results on searches for different media — lightning fast and in most any file format you could want.

Shifting core components of its content library to Scality RING gave the team immediate relief. Scality RING is effortlessly capable of handling all requirements that’s customers can throw at it. In fact, it’s performed so well that has reduced the cost of its content delivery network and no longer needs alternative storage systems for high-demand, high-volume content. Everything is easier and takes far less time to manage — a win-win.

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