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Deploy unbreakable object storage, core to edge to cloud, with Scality and Wasabi

Integrated and secure storage solutions for seamless multi-cloud environments

Data growth remains off the charts and shows no signs of slowing down. Files, videos, images, and AI data are all being generated at unprecedented rates, and this data needs to be affordably stored and protected. S3-compatible object storage provides a cost-effective and infinitely scalable solution for many different applications like backup, archive, analytics, and video repositories.

As organizations collect, store, and analyze more data at more locations, having on-premises storage that seamlessly integrates with cloud storage provides both a cloud copy for data protection — and the ability to maximize TCO by implementing tiering of archive data to an inexpensive cloud tier.

What is Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage?

Hot Cloud Storage is simple, fast, and affordable cloud object storage. There are no archival or warm storage tiers to deal with — just a single tier of highly secure, low-latency storage that’s as fast or faster than the hyperscalers’ most expensive frequent-access tiers, yet priced closer to what you’d expect to pay for slower archive storage. This makes Wasabi the ideal storage target for a wide variety of use cases, from active archives to offsite backups, to hybrid cloud storage.

Best of all, there are no additional fees for egress of API calls, so you get straightforward pricing that eliminates the guesswork associated with using Amazon S3 or other hyperscale storage services and free cloud storage providers.

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Wasabi & Scality

Learn how this joint solution provides a unified multi-cloud storage repository for ultimate economics, security, agility and choice.


Scality and Wasabi: Delivering on the promise of hybrid cloud

Scality and Wasabi have partnered to offer integrated solutions that deliver a unified multi-cloud storage repository for ultimate economics, security, agility, and freedom of choice. 

Application developers can use the combined solution to easily incorporate cloud storage into their apps. End customers can use the integrated solution to reduce storage costs and improve data protection and mobility. Data can be created anywhere in the infrastructure, at the core, the edge or in the cloud — and all of it must be protected and managed according to business and regulatory policy.

Scality + Wasabi is a highly scalable and flexible solution offering unparalleled cybersecurity and unified management with affordable economics.

Realize predictable cost for near-term or long-term retention, align storage expenses to the value of data, and accelerate time to market with S3 object lock immutability on-premises and in the cloud for advanced ransomware resiliency.

Scality and Wasabi Architecture


Scality RING

FLEXIBLE scale-out file & object storage



SIMPLE S3 object storage for immutable backups



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