Powering hybrid cloud

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology, has partnered with Scality to enable enterprises to scale and protect their most valuable assets — their data, in on-premises or hybrid cloud deployments.

Supermicro and Scality RING Solution Advantages

Starting with as few as three storage servers featuring either 2U 24-Bays or 4U 60-Bays, customers can start with small deployments that can be dynamically scaled by adding drive packs to grow node capacity or add entire nodes, scaling-out both capacity as well as storage bandwidth.


  • Stretched (synchronous) multi-site deployment for site failure protection
  • Asynchronous geo-replication or disaster recovery
  • Concurrent multi-site file access

Data access

  • Native AWS S3 and file (NFS, SMB) storage interfaces in one consolidated system
  • Fully parallel, scale-out with POSIX-style file system

Manageability, service and support

  • Browser-based administrative interface with full topology view, monitoring, reporting and graphing
  • RING status with zone, server and node details
  • Full management and control with rich and scriptable CLI
  • Automated disk failure detection and handling framework
  • Integrated server management

Vion and Supermicro on Scality

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