Scality partners with market-leading hardware and software vendors to deliver comprehensive solutions. Scality’s hardware partners include Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, Seagate, and SGI. Scality’s software partners include CTERA, ASG Atempo, DoveCot, Openwave Messaging and Open-Xchange, Zimbra.

Hardware Partners

Exceptional hardware partners provide the right form factors required for performance-oriented, capacity-oriented, or mixed workflows associated with Active Archives, Content Distribution, Web & Cloud Services, Distributed Computing, and Global Enterprise Clouds.

Software Partners

The Scality RING is truly software-defined storage, specifically designed for petabyte scale systems. The RING’s software-defined architecture provides the flexibility to deliver mixed-workload, multi-application storage and enable a wide range of use cases. To enable easy application integration, the RING provides a rich variety of access mechanisms through a set of software Connectors. These Connectors provide a choice of object-based access protocols over REST, and file system based access over NFS, SMB and FUSE. This has enabled Scality to build a rich ecosystem of software solution partners to support the Scality RING use cases.