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Petabyte-scale storage requires new levels of performance, scalability and uptime, all with the benefits of cloud economics.

Choose the RING to make your business more agile, efficient and competitive.

Business is more competitive than ever. A handful of people anywhere in the world can bring a new product to market in months, aided by the cloud, instantaneous sharing and mobility. Business models like freemium, over-the-top and the collaborative economy are disrupting the market. Data is flooding businesses with streaming media, user-generated content, social graphs, big data and the Internet of Things. Everything is becoming bits and bytes. In this ultra-competitive environment, existing models of storage are being overwhelmed. These systems were built for a single local environment, a single application, a few terabytes of storage (as a management unit), days of maintenance downtime, the ability to survive only the occasional failure of a single component, with software tied to proprietary operating systems and hardware, and inflated proprietary costs built in.

This is no longer acceptable.

The RING is a software-based storage that is built to scale to petabytes with performance, scaling and protection mechanisms appropriate for such scale. It enables your business to grow without limitations and extra overhead, works across 80% of your applications, and protects your data over 200% more efficiently at 50–70% lower cost.

The RING Use Cases

Use the RING for 80% of your applications and storage workloads.

Companies using the RING

How does the RING compare?

The RING is a new class of storage that consolidates traditional NAS, object, tape and scale-out VM storage.

Unlike traditional storage, the RING is a software-based storage that is completely decoupled from hardware. This enables tremendous flexibility in your choice of x86 servers, your mix of flash, SSD, HDD and newer media, to match the appropriate hardware form factor for your environment. You can choose server configurations designed for greater throughput or for capacities far exceeding two petabytes in a rack. The RING gives you control, at acquisition prices as much as 40% lower than that of traditional storage. The RING has been deployed across the world with most major server vendors including HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, SGI and Supermicro.

Unlike today's NAS and SAN, the RING is built from the ground up to be petabyte scale. This means that it can scale to hundreds of petabytes of capacity and billions of objects and also enables global data protection and durability efficiently at massive scale. Instead of the minuscule two-terabyte management units of a typical NAS or SAN, the RING holistically serves, manages and protects all your data as objects. This enables global policies around replication, erasure coding and geo-replication for incredibly efficient and durable storage.

The RING is always-on. Instead of small-scale design points like active/passive failover, RAID, backups and offsite backups, the RING is designed to remain available even with multiple failures in the system at any given time. Failures are inevitable in environments consisting of thousands or more drives and hundreds or more servers. The RING is designed from the ground up to continue running in the face of drive failures, server failures, site failures, capacity upgrades, hardware and software upgrades and multiple generations of hardware or software. We’re proud to have customers running for years with no downtime, while serving millions of their customers.

The RING unifies data across multiple applications and mixed workloads at petabyte scale. Traditional storage typically creates silos around applications, workloads, physical units, geographies, and protocols, leading to unnecessary redundancy in infrastructure, data, processes, and management overhead.

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What does your environment look like?

Analysts and customers have revealed to us that storage is growing by 60% per year, with an average of more than a petabyte already in each environment.

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