Scality Cloud Monitor

Scality Cloud Monitor will transform your business with turnkey 24/7 monitoring of your Scality RING object storage platform and S3-optimized Scality products.

It delivers unrivaled, always-on availability for petabyte-scale cloud storage installations, providing predictive analytics, remote monitoring of customer environments, capacity planning, and intuitive dashboard reporting at the touch of a button.

Why Scality Cloud Monitor?

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    100% Availability

    Assured uptime and hundreds of diagnostic metrics are at your fingertips to keep your Scality RING and S3 storage running optimally.

  • HALO monitor offers actionable assessments

    Real-time Monitoring

    Intuitive dashboards help visualize events, providing configuration assistance, and system health checks, and configurable alarms for abnormal KPIs.


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  • Always on

    Helps Plan for Success

    Scality Cloud Monitor remotely monitors storage environments in real time, collecting telemetry data, and generating predictive analytics to ensure storage systems are optimized.

Scality Cloud Monitor


• 24/7 remote monitoring

• Predictive analytics

• Capacity planning

• Customizable dashboards

• Proactive alarms for abnormal KPIs

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