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Cloud Storage Systems


Cloud storage infrastructure is disrupting the traditional storage software market. Those who use it are typically experiencing tremendous amounts of storage growth, rapidly growing from terabytes to petabytes, and encompassing billions of objects. Almost every company around the globe is currently evaluating, or is already in the process of moving its services, applications and storage to the Cloud.

Commonly cloud storage systems are used for a variety of use cases: storage associated with primary web based applications, backup and archiving and near-line storage of media and data. Cost efficiencies prompt both enterprise and consumers to move to storage as a service offerings -. Whether private or public – successful Cloud storage services must deliver 24x7x365 guaranteed uptime, offer easy access, be fully scalable, ensure data security and protection, as well as offering appropriate pricing.


Scality RING for Cloud is the ideal Cloud storage infrastructure solution. Scality’s RING for Cloud addresses all of the requirements for cloud storage by delivering  scale-out storage, with true 5 9s availability, full scalability for data growth, efficient data protection, and flexible pay as you consume pricing.  Scality RING for Cloud supports file system access as well as open standards based interfaces, including HTTP/REST, CDMI and Hadoop, for easy integration with existing applications . With the dramatic increase in data growth, Scality RING is increasingly being considered for semi-structured data storage, in addition to unstructured data storage.


Scality’s award winning software-only scale-out storage solution is based on a patented object storage technology, is built using a distributed, shared-nothing architecture with no single-point-of-failure, and operates seamlessly on any commodity server hardware.  It is an ideal architecture to provide Cloud storage software and data storage services.  Additionally, Scality’s RING for Cloud service is available with Multi-Geo support for geo-redundancy and high availability, and ARC erasure coding for data protection. Scality’s ARC erasure coding functionality is a better alternative to traditional RAID, providing protection against simultaneous failures at the disk, server and network levels, while keeping operational costs low.


Scality’s RING for Cloud solution is targeted to companies and individuals who are looking for flexible, easy to use, appropriately priced cloud storage infrastructure. Scality’s RING storage solution is ideal for any organization or business with large scale, rapidly expanding storage needs who is also looking for cost efficiencies, ease of operations, high performance and overall peace of mind. Several industries, including Email service providers, Media and Entertainment, HPC, and Enterprise use Scality for cloud storage systems and services.

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