Proud to be the 2014 MarketScape leader

The MarketScape on Object-Based Storage evaluates vendors from a product, go-to-market, and business perspective, including their strategies and existing capabilities. Scality has been in the Leaders segment since the inception of the MarketScape, and has now moved into lead position. Read More

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The object storage paradox

Next month, it will have been exactly six years since I wrote my first object storage blog, even though I didn’t mention object storage in that specific article. I had my head in the clouds as our early cloud startup was being acquired by Sun Microsystem when someone asked me to write a piece on EMC’s new baby, Atmos so I took a spin at it. That was object storage before object storage.

The Scality RING is software-defined storage that solves petabyte-scale challenges like performance, growth, and uptime with software-based technology that runs on standard x86 servers. Enterprises and service providers can now deploy multi-workload and multi-application storage with the economics of the cloud.

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