Scality knows and understands the Object Storage market segment better than anyone else. – IDC

World Leader in Object and Cloud Storage.

Scality, the world leader in object and cloud storage, bridges the gap between application vendors and industry standard hardware providers to meet your cost-effective storage scale, durability, cloud and performance requirements. Our Software Defined Storage RING allows you to store and access billions of objects or even PB- sized objects across standard x86 hardware to meet the most demanding digital business, cloud and application requirements.

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Enterprise IT

Today’s enterprise IT departments are under constant pressure to meet insatiable digital business needs and Scality is here to help with the most scalable, durable and cost effective solution to meet your storage needs.

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Cloud Service Providers

Scality understands the unique cost effective storage scale, availability and performance requirements Cloud Service Providers demand to ensure the success of their digital business.

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Scality is the Only Storage Partner for All Three Server Market Leaders.

The Storage of Choice for Global Digital Businesses.








Scality RING S3 Connector Technical White Paper

Scality introduces a new S3 Connector for the Scality RING to accelerate time to market for petabyte-scale S3-based services at Enterprises and Service Providers.

The new S3 Connector provides comprehensive cloud and enterprise security capabilities, scalable performance, advanced data storage and management functionality.

For Enterprises and Service Providers, this enables the most secure, scalable and portable storage services for custom and packaged cloud applications on the market today.

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Digital Industries Ideally Suited for the RING.

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