Scality Announces the World’s First Open Source REST-based Interface for Block-based Applications

Scality, the leader in software-defined storage (SDS) at petabyte-scale, today announced the release of the world’s first open source REST Block Driver, expanding the horizons of storage interconnect, scalability, and performance. Scality will be demonstrating the REST Block Driver at the OpenStack Summit (booth E25) taking place on November 3-7, 2015 in Paris.

more from the Scality blog:

We’ll be at HP Discover in Barcelona (Booth 580) & Gartner Data Center in Vegas next week. Conference season continues! #futureofstorage

The Scality RING is software-defined storage that solves petabyte-scale challenges like performance, growth, and uptime with software-based technology that runs on standard x86 servers. Enterprises and service providers can now deploy multi-workload and multi-application storage with the economics of the cloud.

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Analysts and customers have revealed to us that storage is growing by 60% per year, with an average of more than a petabyte already in each environment.

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