Software Defined Storage


Software Defined Storage
at Petabyte Scale

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Los Alamos National Laboratory
Selects Scality RING SDS
for 200+ Petabytes

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Scality is an industry leader in petabyte-scale storage

Scality's RING software enables large enterprises and service providers to build a hyper-scalable, highly available, and cost-effective storage infrastructure using off-the-shelf x86 servers. Scality RING is the perfect storage foundation for the Software Defined Data Center: it is multi-tenant, multi-application, and multi-workload.

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Use Cases

  • Consumer & Enterprise Cloud Service

    Build public cloud, media sharing, or XaaS offerings

  • Large-scale Collaboration & Document Sharing

    Store and share an unlimited amount of unstructured data

  • Video Archive
    & Distribution

    A single storage pool across media creation, origination, and distribution

  • Large-scale Consumer Email

    100% available email for millions of concurrent users

  • Global Enterprise Cloud

    Unified, global storage at

  • Active Archive

    Unlimited, highly durable global archiving

  • Hadoop Data Repository

    Petabyte-scale persistence layer

  • Technical Computing

    Unlimited storage with massively scalable performance

  • Backup

    Reliable data protection at massive scale

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