Jerome Lecat’s Scality Aims To Be Agent Of Change In $100 Billion Storage Industry

Jerome Lecat wasn’t necessarily looking to start a new company in 2008, while on a road show touting a software services company he’d founded several years earlier. But in talking to customers, the French entrepreneur kept hearing a similar story: The boom in internet usage by both corporations and individuals alike meant a new need for vast data storage capabilities that only giants such as Google could provide, at high cost.

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The Scality RING is software-defined storage that solves petabyte-scale challenges like performance, growth, and uptime with software-based technology that runs on standard x86 servers. Enterprises and service providers can now deploy multi-workload and multi-application storage with the economics of the cloud.

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Analysts and customers have revealed to us that storage is growing by 60% per year, with an average of more than a petabyte already in each environment.

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