Eliminate data loss and ransomware threat with enterprise-grade data protection

Scality and Veeam® have partnered to build a joint solution for enterprises that delivers recovery time and recovery point objectives of less than15 minutes for all applications and data.

Backup and recovery

The solution unites Veeam’s ground-breaking backup and recovery application software with Scality’s award-winning software-defined storage solution to facilitate unlimited linear scale, 14×9s of durability, 100% availability, and lower TCO — without proprietary hardware platform lock-in.

Veeam bridges the availability gap with a new kind of solution for the always-on enterprise. With Veeam, you’ll get a solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data-loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data, and complete visibility. Using Scality RING to manage the physical storage for Veeam delivers a level of availability, performance, and scale at a TCO that tape and NAS-based targets could only dream of. Learn more.

Ransomware protection

Ransomware threat is on the rise and has become a major, ubiquitous concern. Attacks are becoming more frequent, larger in scope, and more sophisticated. As the last line of defense, backup data has become a prime target of ransomware malware, so ultra-resilient backup storage is imperative.

Scality RING and ARTESCA offer enhanced ransomware protection with support for Amazon S3 Object Lock API, which renders data immutable by preventing it from being deleted or overwritten for a period of time (or indefinitely), thereby thwarting ransomware attacks. Qualified as Veeam Ready Object with Immutability, Scality RING and ARTESCA provide for air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data that stays immune to ransomware, offering a robust and swift recovery path in case of an attack. Learn more.



Scality and Veeam offer high availability while reducing TCO by up to 90%. Veeam® Backup and Replication leverages Scality as a single backup repository for any data or application.

Infinitely increase backup storage capacity by simply adding standard servers to Scality — and reduce training and maintenance costs while scaling rapidly.


Leveraging combined features, Scality and Veeam help guarantee very high availability.

Veeam high-speed and verified recovery allows your organization to achieve RTOs of <15 minutes and, with Veeam SureBackup®, you can automatically verify the recoverability of every backup. Scality’s self-healing, fast hard drive recovery allows you to scale your infrastructure while always meeting availability SLAs.


Scality and Veeam ensure data loss avoidance. Veeam Backup and Replication provides multiple backup options designed to meet your needs and ensure the fastest, most efficient backups possible.

With the combined solution, you can replicate either on-site for high availability or off-site for disaster recovery. Scality also offers the option to protect your data with erasure coding (single site or multi-site) to increase ROI.


With Scality and Veeam, you can painlessly meet the requirements of the always-on enterprise.

Veeam’s tight integration with Scality helps ensure high levels of application availability while lowering costs and simplifying IT operational management. Mutual certification ensures you aren’t chasing vendors when you need answers. Whatever the fit, we’ve got you covered.

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The solution

Combine Veeam’s ground-breaking backup and recovery application software with Scality’s award-winning RING software-defined storage solution. The result?Unlimited linear scale, 14×9s of durability, 100% availability and lower TCO — all without proprietary hardware platform lock-in.


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