Medical imaging archive

Faster data access improves patient outcomes

Accelerate time-to-diagnosis while lowering costs

Medical imaging studies (PACS and Vendor Neutral Archives) make up 70% of all data stored by healthcare organizations. Mandates require organizations to keep data an average of seven years, further straining IT infrastructure. Less than 10% of images are retrieved after 60 days, however, they still need to be online 24×7.

Scality offers safe, fast, always-on access to critical data for long-term retention. Compliance with HIPAA and protections from nefarious attacks are built-in. You’ll gain worry-free, lower-cost storage capacity upwards of hundreds of petabytes.

“Today our data archive is unified, secure, and easily accessible. Researchers can now analyze older data sets more readily to support their work toward personalized medicine, and doctors can view older, point-in-time patient data to make better diagnoses.”
Markus Müller

Head of Data Center Management, University Hopistal Basel


of health data will be created each day by 2025*

medical images of patients across the world are exposed online*

of imaging and electronic medical records per patient are generated each year*

Scality modernizes medical imaging archives for simplified data management

Easy integration

Validated for all leading PACS and VNA applications and provides a path to public cloud storage tiering

Scalable capacity and secure multi-tenancy

Enables consolidation of multiple modalities (MRI, CT, radiography, ultrasound, etc.)

Unique multi-site active/active solution

Optimized to achieve 100% availability with zero RPO/RTO and the lowest cost of storage


60% or more reduced total cost of ownership



speed of data access

Fast online access

Increased efficiency by offloading primary PACS data storage without taking data offline
Data integrity

Ransomware protection

Data storage server

Field-proven technology

Trusted by nearly 50 large hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide

“The performance meets all user expectations. It’s so good, in fact, that we’re getting lots of requests from multiple departments to put new workloads on the Scality RING.”

Renaud Masse,CTO, Infrastructure Management


Deliver better patient care with world-class medical imaging application partners

Scality integrates with the most respected media and entertainment providers and solutions. Explore our partner ecosystem.



AP-HM’s private “health cloud” secures massive, growing volumes of data


Pioneering research hospital turns big data into an asset for fighting cancer and other complex diseases


Nationally ranked institution simplifies its medical imaging environment with Scality


Medical Imaging

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