Scality RING safeguards 24+ billion unique objects for 4.9+ million email subscribers (and counting)

With Scality, Telenet faces zero risk of interrupted or impaired service and gains the reward of customer satisfaction

As a provider of media, telecommunications and entertainment services in Belgium, Telenet’s mission is to provide an ideal digital experience for its many residential and business customers.

The company prides itself on a culture of innovation and is always seeking forward-looking solutions to exceed the expectations of 4.9+ million email users. When it came to finding a solution to keep subscribers’ email 100% intact and available, Telenet sought out the best of the best.



Telenet the largest cable operator in Belgium

The challenge


As Telenet’s business has transformed and its subscriber base has increased, so has its need for storage capacity — and there are no signs of letting up. The company needed a solution that could easily grow with it — all while lowering costs, without compromising the other critical requirement: availability of data and service.

Enter Scality.

“As our business has transformed and our user base has grown, our need for storage capacity has increased exponentially. However, scaling up hasn’t required any maintenance windows or any downtime”

Bart Provoost,Manager, Network Applications and Services


The outcome

Since 2010, Telenet has relied on Scality RING to keep its subscribers’ email intact and available — even through multiple expansions and upgrades — with exceptional data durability and no service interruption.

Their vast messaging storage system runs like clockwork on multiple generations of HPE servers, safeguarding more than 24 billion unique objects for Telenet’s nearly 5 million subscribers.

Scality worked hand-in-hand with Telenet to design their email architecture end-to-end, including customization of the Zimbra suite and the migration strategy for moving users’ email from the legacy platform to Scality RING. 

Telenet’s RING is distributed across multiple, geographically-distributed data centers to ensure data resiliency and always-on availability.  Because of that data distribution on Scality RING (unlike with traditional NAS or SAN storage), the need for data backups has been eliminated, resulting in huge savings both in terms of time and cost.

“Our data is protected by the RING software and completely unconstrained by hardware, so it has been a simple matter of adding and removing servers. We have faced zero risk of interrupting or impairing service, and our customer satisfaction has never once been compromised.

I think every company with a requirement for deploying or hosting services that require mass data storage can benefit from the Scality RING solution.”

Nick De Jonghe,Manager, Network Strategy & Architecture



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