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Für unternehmenskritische Infrastruktur

HPE und Scality kooperieren weltweit seit 2014 mit Blick auf Marketing, Vertrieb und Support. Seitdem haben wir hunderte führende Unternehmen in ihren jeweiligen Märkten mit unseren Lösungen unterstützt. Gemeinsam bieten HPE und Scality innovative Lösungen für Big Data, Backup & Archive, Content Repositories, Media Workflows, medizinische Bildgebung und andere relevante Workloads.

Unsere Infrastruktur-Projekte sind in der Regel entscheidend für den Unternehmenserfolg der jeweiligen Kunden. Um diesen Erfolg zu gewährleisten, investieren allen Beteiligten ein Maximum an Know-How, individueller Beratung und Support. Neben führender Technologie bietet HPE weltweit einen erstklassigen Support Service und vieles mehr.

“Notre partenariat de longue date entre HPE et Scality offre à nos clients communs une solution à la fois moderne et éprouvée pour relever les défis auxquels ils sont confrontés en matière de croissance de leurs données non structurées, de gestion opérationnelle et de coût à l’échelle du pétaoctet.”
Chris Powers

VP & GM Collaborative Platforms and big data , Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“The HPE and Scality solution is just what we were looking for. It’s very easy to maintain and reliable. We can expand without limits or disruption. We don’t ask ourselves anymore, ‘Is it going to be complex and cumbersome, or how long will it take?’ We just do it.”

Benoit Turc

IT technical department manager , CHU Dijon Bourgogne

“We have confidence in the solution HPE and Scality have brought. It does what it says on the tin. That’s a huge thing for us. If there’s an incident, it’s highly important that the solution works and is reliable.”

George Jackson

Head of ICT, Irish Prison Service

“HPE and Scality were interested in what we were trying to achieve and really took time to understand our requirements before offering up a solution.”“HPE and Scality were interested in what we were trying to achieve and really took time to understand our requirements before offering up a solution.”

Alex Farr

IT director, Transport Systems Catapult

“The world is changing with the use of digital data for decision-making, and we expect the availability of this data will be very important in the near- and long-term future. Building our hybrid solution based on HPE equipment and the Scality RING brings us this continuity because we need to deliver those services to our customers”

André Franke

Alliance manager, Centric

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Scality

Need an on-premises cloud storage solution for modern data-intensive applications? HPE Solutions for Scality provide object storage for data archives and tiers behind primary storage arrays.

Cloud-native applications and high-performance analytics tools are increasingly using object storage and the Amazon S3 API as their persistent storage layer. To meet this need, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Scality offer two solutions that scale easily from terabytes to petabytes on a full portfolio of customizable platforms and media types.


For enterprise IT

Scality RING enables enterprises to quickly build on-premises object storage in scalable clusters, with native S3 API and file access protocols.



For application developers

Scality ARTESCA is a fully-containerized object storage solution with built-in multi-cloud federated data management for S3-centric data workloads and ultra-reliable dual-level erasure coding.

The HPE Solutions for Scality portfolio deploys Scality object storage on storage-density optimized servers, including the Apollo 4000 family and ProLiant DL, for both hybrid and all-NVME flash solutions.

Get the power of the public cloud on-prem with HPE GreenLake + Scality  

Stop managing infrastructure. Start creating value. HPE GreenLake for Scality provides a consumption-based cloud experience with lower risks and costs — plus, more control and insight — for data at any scale, anywhere.

Ideal for modern storage demands, HPE GreenLake for Scality provides scalable, multi-cloud datastores for core, edge, and cloud workloads. It eliminates day-to-day storage administration and shifts operations from infrastructure-centric to app-centric.

Offering as-a-service cloud economics, elastic scale with metered consumption, and a managed services experience, the HPE GreenLake platform gives you the cloud experience for apps and data wherever they live—edges, colocations, or data centers—with the ability to operate, manage, and control mixed environments from one central location.

Meet business needs for agile, scalable, and economical storage with a cloud experience, ensuring critical object storage workloads remain under your control or can be repatriated back from a public cloud

“Scality gives us the flexibility to scale out our platform and store data in the way that meets our needs. Scality and HPE GreenLake enable us to enjoy a cloud-like experience while keeping our data secure on premises.”
Gary Wong

Infrastructure Manager , Edmonton Police

Scality + HPE GreenLake can help you improve:

Data integrity
Quickly deploy and scale storage to meet unpredictable demands. Get to market with digital projects 75% faster.
Maintain availability and security with enterprise-class security, up to 14x 9s of durability, 100% availability, and 85% less unplanned downtime.
lower cost of data
Reduce and align costs with business outcomes via 147% ROI, plus 30-40% TCO savings due to eliminated overprovisioning.
speed of data access
Control & insight

Simplify IT operations and eliminate data blindness to increase IT productivity by 40%.

“We’ve realized a 30% reduction in storage infrastructure costs by modernizing with Scality and HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. Our healthcare clients now access critical patient data 3 to 5 times faster, and we can meet regulations to keep patient information local and sovereign while keeping data safe.”
Roberto Zambrano

Product and Presales Manager, Claro

Top HPE GreenLake for Scality use cases

The object storage market continues to evolve, going beyond backup and archive to include primary storage roles for AI, analytics, and other advanced workloads. With Scality object storage principles of scale and data protection, HPE GreenLake can provide a variety of options to meet individual customer requirements and address many different use cases, including: 

  • Ransomware protection (backup)
  • Records retention and backup archives
  • Research computing
  • Medical imaging data (PACS/VNA)
  • Remote office/edge deployment

HPE + Scality customer success stories


HPE powers an intelligent data lake with Scality


Multi-petabytes of storage to help ensure the safety of inmates and staff


Intelligent data storage helps deliver agile backup-as-a-service offering


Simplified, cost-effective storage-as-a-service for broadcasters enables real-time access to archives


Pioneering research hospital turns big data into an asset for fighting cancer and other complex diseases


Top-flight football league keeps fans safe with video data management, edge-to-core

“The advantage we have with HPE and Scality is our ability to integrate and add our own special sauce. Whether it’s building custom workflows and unique automation recipes for different customers, or solving for highly specific use cases, HPE and Scality give us that capability with their tools and APIs.”

Shannon Hulbert

CEO, Opus Interactive

“With the HPE Apollo and Scality RING solution, we’re not only realizing time savings…but also discovering new opportunities to innovate.”

Ahmad Kassak

director of engineering,HPE

“I look for technology that takes away problems and provides flexibility to adapt when our customers within the university hospital come to us with new demands. HPE and Scality have taken the problem of archiving data away from me; they’ve eliminated that worry. And anything I don’t have to worry about is a good thing.”

Markus Müller

Head of Data Center management, University Hospital Basel

“Scality enabled us to stretch across our own data centers and two co-locations. This, plus the density of HPE Apollo, allowed us to address fourteen-nines durability and data retrieval times offering 100% availability.”

Scott Jolly

Head of Operation, MediaHub


IDC study: The Business Value of Scality RING

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