Polish Railways

Scality RING supports the optimization of routes and service for freight transport

Infinite scalability, availability and reliability of data enables better, safer transportation

Headquartered in Warsaw, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA is the Polish railway infrastructure manager responsible for the maintenance of rail tracks, management of railway land, and conducting trains across the country. The company also arranges the timetable for passenger, freight, and special trains. In 2020, as many as 1,470,430 passenger trains and 378,992 freight trains traveled on Polish tracks.

Always striving to modernize and innovate, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA successfully combines tradition with the use of the latest solutions and technologies.

The challenge

Polish Railways sought a robust and highly scalable storage solution to hold the massive amounts of data collected from 10,000+ CCTV cameras along approximately 23,500 kilometers of train track.

This environmental data helps optimize shipping as it informs a better understanding of what freight can be shipped over a specific rail line. With this data on past shipments’ size, weight, or other characteristics, they can suggest optimal freight service and routes for customers.

The outcome

Polish Railways had clear requirements, and Scality rose to the occasion.

  • Limitless scalability and high performance without fuss: Scality RING acts as an extension of the storage without the need for modification of controllers, systems restarts, or data migration — and with superior performance.  
  • Relentless reliability: No single point of failure with automatic failover and fallback possible.  
  • 100% availability: Data is always available — even through the loss of a node or an entire site.  
  • Strong partnerships: Scality’s strong relationship with HPE and with the local VAR Megatel proved to be assets.


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