Simplified, cost-effective storage-as-a-service for broadcasters enables real-time access to archives

By building a robust storage solution with Scality RING, Australian broadcasters can satisfy consumers’ voracious appetite for fresh news without a single glitch or egress fees.

Today’s television viewers have high expectations for the content they consume. They demand that it be global, streaming, and available in an instant. To stay competitive, broadcasters are constantly vying to be first with breaking news — and delivering it quickly and efficiently requires a moment’s notice-level of access to rapidly expanding archives.  

MediaHub Australia (MediaHub) is the largest broadcast service provider in the southern hemisphere, accelerating transformation in the Australian market and responsible for the live broadcast of more than 400 TV channels and 90 radio stations.

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Broadcast service provider enables real-time access to news archives with Scality RING.

“Our job is to take our broadcasters’ content and deliver it to viewers’ homes 24 hours a day, without a single error.”

Alan Sweeney

CEO, MediaHub

The challenge

The new digital landscape puts immense pressure on broadcasters to not just securely and efficiently store large and ever-growing volumes of digital content, but also to be able to access it in an instant. For example, they may need to repurpose content to create an obituary or support live footage as part of a national broadcast.

“One of the great things about TV is that the experience for the viewer appears seamless,” says MediaHub’s CEO. “But behind the scenes, there’s a great deal of work to make that happen. People are working very quickly to turn that live data around and get it onto viewers’ screens.”

Having recognized the fact that storing and accessing large volumes of content in a cost-effective way is a major challenge for broadcasters, MediaHub set out to create an offering that would enable their customers to create, store, retrieve and broadcast content to viewers ahead of their competition — all without additional fees.

“Cloud providers do a great job of selling storage, but there can be high fees for egress. We wanted to create a new model.”

Alan SweeneY

CEO, MediaHub

The outcome

Built on Scality RING scalable object storage, ArkHub — MediaHub’s new storage-as-a-service for the Australian broadcast market — meets the requirements of the industry and their customers by providing storage and access to rapidly expanding archives without additional ingress, egress and retrieval fees.

“Scality enabled us to stretch across our own data centers and two co-locations. This, plus the density of HPE Apollo, allowed us to address fourteen-nines durability and data retrieval times offering one hundred percent availability.”

Scott Jolly

head of operations , MediaHub

The service enables broadcasters to store content with instant no-fee retrieval, allowing them to create richer content now that as-live footage can be easily stored and added to live broadcasts. Because content can be created, stored, retrieved, and broadcast automatically to an agreed schedule, much of the complexity is taken out of storage tasks. For MediaHub, this creates a competitive advantage in a crowded field of broadcast service providers.

“Data is everything. There is little value in data if you can’t access it. ArkHub enables customers to access their archives whenever they need, at no extra cost, and to use this content to their advantage. We see ArkHub as a major contributor to the continued growth of MediaHub.”

Mark Strachan

head of product, MediaHub

ArkHub also simplifies the duplication of footage, strengthening business continuity. Broadcasters can convert their entire libraries of tape files to digital, store them in ArkHub, and then access the content as needed. The fact that the data is kept within Australia helps ensure compliance with national data privacy laws.

More opportunities for business growth are on the horizon thanks to MediaHub’s new solution. Next up is an initiative to showcase ArkHub as a Dropbox-style facility with secure encryption to transfer files within and between organizations around the world. “After that, data management is the next challenge we can solve for clients,” says MediaHub’s head of product. 

The launch also opens up opportunities in new industries for MediaHub. They’re actively pursuing other data-heavy industries, including healthcare, education, and finance, where secure access to historical data is critical.  

“In global terms, Australia is a vibrant but small broadcast market. ArkHub enables us to expand into new markets. A gateway into the digital storage market presents an enormous growth opportunity for us.”

Alan Sweeney

CEO, MediaHub

Now that MediaHub has such a robust, technologically advanced solution to meet the exacting needs of its customers, present and future, the possibilities for continued expansion and success are endless.

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