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HPE powers an intelligent data lake with Scality

The solution allows HPE’s customer support team to accelerate support ticket resolution and predictive analytics

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) wanted to improve its customer support experience with faster response times. To troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, the HPE support team accesses petabytes of telemetry data collected from tens of thousands of HPE storage systems installed at customer sites around the world.

The challenge

The traditional file-based storage system managing the petabytes of incoming data was antiquated and complex. To pinpoint the exact data that would solve a particular problem, customer support reps had to wade through mountains of information. It was simply becoming impossible to keep response times high.
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses advanced data management to enable faster, more effective problem resolution for customers

“With the HPE Apollo and Scality RING solution, we are not only realizing time savings for customer support, but also discovering new opportunities to innovate.”
Ahmad Kassak

Director of Engineering, HPE

The outcome

Scality helped HPE transform customer support using object data storage as the foundation for an intelligent data lake. Built on HPE Apollo 4000 systems and Scality RING with Extended Data Management (XDM), the solution accelerates and enriches system fault analysis and resolution to elevate the customer experience.
RING’s S3 compatibility also gives the engineering team a cloud-like experience. Advanced, intelligent toolsets enrich telemetry data as it’s ingested by adding keywords and phrases to the metadata. This makes it possible for customer support analysts to find the data they need in just one click.
The result is a new intelligent data lake that gives customer support engineers the ability to query data in less than 2 seconds. They now enjoy:
  • Up to 1,000x faster query response times across billions of files
  • A 52% increase on a data ingestion rate of 4 to 5 terabytes of data per day
  • Predictive analytics that increase issue identification before customers even initiate the first contact with HPE
  • Easy, one-click access to complete data sets without complex query writing  
“This solution is revolutionizing our users’ ability to do their jobs with speed and ease.”
Dan Kortenhoeven

Senior systems engineer, HPE


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