Scality + Komprise

Komprise extends capacity simply and transparently

Scality and Komprise seamlessly work together to keep all data available, so organizations and users get the most from their data (and their data storage budgets).

The joint enterprise data management solution integrates Komprise’s highly regarded data-aware management with Scality’s award-winning RING—a powerhouse combination that unites Komprise insight and data management automation with Scality’s hardware flexibility, unlimited linear scale, 100% availability and 14x9s of durability.

By reducing TCO as much as 90%, customers can meet business objectives without sacrificing simplicity, scalability, resiliency, automation and affordability.

Why Komprise + Scality?

Komprise partners with Scality to deliver a solution that helps organizations get the most out of their storage without sacrificing usability or reliability. The combined solution provides flexible and scalable storage using Komprise’s intelligent data management software to analyze usage, capacity, and manage data between different storage locations.

Komprise enables organizations to extend existing storage with Scality RING to optimize TCO — without a change to users or applications. Simply point Komprise to your storage infrastructure and get insights into data growth and usage in minutes.

Wally MacDermid

Vice President Strategic Alliances, Scality

Benefits in a nutshell

Lower TCO

Scality + Komprise offer worry-free, easy expansion while reducing TCO by up to 90%. Komprise’s cost-efficient, cloud-like economics coupled with Scality’s linear scalability on standard servers make sense initially — and as you grow.

Zero Disruption

Komprise transparently retrieves data from Scality RING and delivers file-based NFS/SMB access to data stored as objects. The active data path doesn’t change so there’s no impact on hot data access, and access to data moved to Scality RING is transparent.

Easy Deployment

The combination of Scality and Komprise optimizes storage capacity without disrupting user experience. Komprise provides insight on data growth and usage, then manages and moves (or copies) the data.


Scality RING & Komprise

As organizations see substantial data growth each year, they often find themselves facing complex data management issues where capacity is a scarce resource.
The solution to this problem? Storage technology that scales to meet business needs, coupled with analytics-driven data management software that examines usage and automates data migrations as needed.

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