Bloomberg solves cloud media workflows across hybrid and multicloud environments

Scality helps achieve the company’s anything-from-anywhere goal for storage

Bloomberg Media is the world’s largest business news organization, reaching a premium audience of 91 million. A premium 24/7 media network, the company delivers business and financial news across every platform and every time zone. Bloomberg prides itself on using proprietary intelligence and global research tools to help partners define business priorities, reach target audiences and motivate action.  

The challenge

Bloomberg Media challenged themselves to build a global system for file, object and cloud storage that would serve all of their storage and playback needs worldwide. 

Bloomberg’s view of storage started with some basic premises:

  • Cloud egress is costly and must be managed
  • Storing content on multiple cloud providers has many benefits if managed properly.
  • Public cloud storage doesn’t guarantee 100% uptime.
  • Global content lifecycle policies enable flexible, standardized and scalable data management.

Their ultimate goal for storage: Anything from anywhere.

“We have made very good progress in standing up not only a product, but really a whole infrastructure solution that can add the scale we need for all of the changes coming in the future.”

Loic Barbou,consultant, Bloomberg


The outcome

As the foundation of Bloomberg Media’s enterprise storage solution, Scality RING acts as a single platform for all media workflows and applications, managing multiple workflows on multiple clouds:

  • Media file ingest
  • Content distribution
  • Scalability and durability standards that enable efficient, indefinite retention of growing content
  • Workflow editing
  • Playback directly from Scality RING
  • Support for a global asset repository using S3 across regions

In addition, Scality hybrid and multicloud data management provides data orchestration between on-premises data and multiple public clouds.

Solution Sheet

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