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We are market leaders disrupting the way data is managed and stored from edge-to-core-to-cloud. Continuously changing the storage industry by building new ways of storing and managing data at scale takes exceptional technology and exceptional people. This is where you come in.
Scality employees live our motto: Work hard, play hard, eat well, and amaze the customer. We exemplify this in all we do.
  • Work hard: It takes the dedication of our employees to continuously innovate and bring a quality product to market.
  • Play hard & eat well: We foster camaraderie and support team-building activities that strengthen relationships in and out of the office.
  • Amaze the customer: From the beginning, Scality has listened intently to its customers’ needs and consistently works to deliver products that are both innovative and top quality.
Shared values ensure a good fit.  
Scality Values

Scality perks


Our business spans the globe—we maintain regional offices around the U.S., in Europe, and in the Far East. Employees can take advantage of short rotations to overseas offices. International relocation is also a possibility for some positions and roles.


At Scality, we support employees in living healthy, fulfilled, and balanced lives—not just because it fosters productivity, but because it’s the right thing to do. We encourage physical fitness with a Sports Allowance Program that reimburses employees for gym membership and athletic equipment. We also sponsor employee participation in high-level and charity-related sports competitions.


Scality supports the employees in our ranks who provide care for dependents. In the U.S., we offer our employees the option to participate in a flexible spending account, lowering their tax obligation by diverting pre-tax dollars to child care or caring for other qualified dependents.


In a world where technology and markets evolve almost overnight, learning is a lifelong undertaking. We help our employees broaden their skills by sponsoring attendance at industry events, educational conferences, and technical seminars. We underwrite training in key foreign languages as well.


Scality takes an abiding interest in the communities where we work and do business. We have a donation-matching program for employee contributions to approved charities and non-profits. We also promote and support initiatives to improve the social, cultural, and natural environment.


Our employees live, work, and play in some of the world’s most exciting, invigorating hubs of technology, culture, and commerce—including San Francisco, Washington DC, Paris, London, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Spread your wings

We give you a place to expand your world! With dual corporate headquarters in Paris and San Francisco, plus offices around the globe, Scality encourages the opportunity to relocate if the opportunity arises. Our workforce thrives on a diverse culture and encourages global interaction.

Offices in 5 cities, people all over the world

Join the Scality team

We’re seeking talented individuals who thrive on innovating, thinking big, focusing in and teaming up. If this sounds like you, then you’re a Scality fit. We’ll go the extra mile to find and hire you. We’ll enhance your talents and ensure that you succeed.

Scality for good

We are committed to supporting positive action in support of our world and our employees. Here are a few recent initiatives. Read more on our Scality for Good page.

2021 initiatives

Raising consciousness of Scality’s impact on the environment

Prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we invested massively in room-to-room conferencing between its offices in Paris, San Francisco, Washington DC and Tokyo to decrease travel. We also located each of our offices in major public transportation hubs to foster efficient commuting.

Second parental leave

Study after study makes clear that the career gap between men and women comes at the time their first child is born. Traditionally, fathers go back to work after a few days while mothers take care of their child for several weeks or months. This difference has a long-term impact on the careers and salaries of women. Scality is proud to join 105 other entrepreneurial companies, together representing 20,000 employees, to guarantee one month of paid leave for the second parent, regardless of their country of residence.

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