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The solution allows for accommodation of unpredictable customer demands with the agility and economics of the cloud

A single cloud-computing environment is unlikely to meet the full range of business demands and priorities across the varied landscape of an enterprise. That’s why a growing number of enterprises turn to Opus Interactive.

Rather than attempting to deliver an all-purpose one-size-fits-all cloud to everyone, Opus has structured its business to provide precisely tuned cloud solutions, tailored to each customer’s unique computing requirements. One of the keys to Opus Interactive’s success is its ability to hone cloud services and solutions not just to individual customers but also to departmental — and even application — levels.


Building on the company’s drive for continuous innovation, Opus wanted to strengthen its position as a hub for hybrid and multicloud solutions. Just as customers recognize the strategic value in choosing the right cloud to match specific types of computing workloads, they also look closely at where their data is stored, choosing platforms based on how often data is accessed, how quickly it can be retrieved when needed, and how it’s protected.

These new customer demands drove Opus to look for more flexible, highly available and secure storage options to include in its cloud portfolio.

“Opus is able to be the trusted advisor we are to our customers because of the people at HPE and Scality who we surround ourselves with.”

Shannon Hulbert CEO

Opus Interactive


With Scality RING running on HPE Apollo 4000 systems, Opus has the ideal platform on which to offer customers file and object storage services to handle virtually any type of data.

Scality RING’s compatibility with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud enables Opus to provide customers with a truly multicloud storage offering. Best of all, using tools like Zenko and Extended Data Management (XDM) from Scality, customers have a single, integrated solution to manage and optimize data stored on-premises with Opus, as well as data stored in public clouds.

“The advantage we have with HPE and Scality is our ability to integrate and add our own special sauce. Whether it’s building custom workflows and unique automation recipes for different customers, or solving for highly specific use cases, HPE and Scality give us that capability with their tools and APIs.”

Shannon HulbertCEO

Opus Interactive

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