Scality and Splunk

Splunk is one of the most widely used tools to capture, index and analyze data.

Splunk collects data from many different sources including security systems, sensors, log files, applications and more. Because Splunk gathers so much data from so many different sources, the amount of data Splunk needs to retain can quickly grow to multiple petabytes. For larger Splunk deployments, cost-efficient, highly durable storage is a critical component and ensures that Splunk always has access to the data it needs to analyze.

Why Splunk + Scality?

Splunk and Scality have partnered to validate Scality RING for multiple Splunk architectures. RING allows Splunk customers to index, analyze, and retain very large data sets while reducing costs and complexity.

How Splunk + Scality lowers cost while increasing operational functionality and agility.

With Splunk SmartStore, storage is decoupled from compute, allowing resources to be scaled independently and, therefore, more efficiently.

The resulting TCO reduction is further compounded by higher utilization.

SmartStore also reduces storage costs by offloading older, less frequently used data (warm buckets) to Scality RING, without impacting search performance.

Classic Splunk vs SmartStore



The more data you have and the longer that you need to retain that data, the more money you will save with Scality.

Architecture – your choice

Scality is uniquely validated as a SmartStore ready storage solution for Splunk deployments in three architectures:

Single-site architecture with erasure coding protects against the loss of disks and even entire servers.

Multi-site active-active architecture with erasure coding as well as asynchronous replication between two sites protects against the loss of disks, servers, and even an entire site.

Multi-site stretched architecture with erasure coding as well as synchronous replication across three sites protects against the loss of disks, servers, and even an entire site. With a stretched architecture, Splunk customers’ experience is akin to what they would have on AWS within an Availability Zone.

Benefits in a nutshell


No other solution is validated to support all three Splunk SmartStore deployment architectures.


Scality RING’s stretched model is unique in ensuring data availability protection against a full data center failure, without requiring full copies of data in each data center.


RING has been proven in production with high-throughput replication of Splunk SmartStore data across data centers.


Scality RING & Splunk Enterprise

Index larger data sets and retain them longer — at a fraction of the cost — while reducing complexity and increasing flexibility.


Storing Splunk Big Data on RING

Step by step presentation

White Paper

Scality RING & Splunk

Why SmartStore-enabled indexes can significantly decrease storage costs.

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