10 avril 2013

Scality joins the Active Archive Alliance

San Francisco, CA

The fastest growing player in scale-out infrastructure

Scality RING’s flexible solution is perfectly suited to long-term preservation needs

San Francisco, CA – April 10, 2013 Scality, the fastest growing player in scale-out storage infrastructure, today announced its membership in the Active Archive Alliance. Initiated in 2010, the Alliance is a multi-vendor collaborative industry association open to software and hardware providers. Its goal is to promote and enable reliable, online and efficient access to archived data, through inter-compatibility; the definition of best practices and education.  

Scality’s RING is perfectly aligned with these objectives, catering to the specific needs of intensive long term archive projects. Scality RING provides extraordinary levels of long-term data preservation, seamlessly accommodating mixed workloads for both primary and secondary storage in a single storage environment.

RING’s erasure coding techniques* and data replication functionality combine with geo-redundancy options to safeguard archived data with virtually 100% durability while providing the rapid access required of extremely exigent applications.

“We’re glad to have Scality as a new member of the Active Archive Alliance. Their membership reflects a growing awareness that object storage is a perfect fit for archiving, and also that active archives often need an element of performance today”, said Floyd Christofferson, Director, Board of Director, Active Archive Alliance.

With Scality apis, including SNIA’s CDMI, and Scality’s Scale Out File System (SOFS) interface, RING can be integrated with almost any external tiering and archiving engine, while maintaining transparent online access to data. This allows the building of massive data environments with seamless data access from local and remote sites. “Since we launched Scality RING, the product has been very successfully deployed in a wide range of environments, supporting mixed workloads including Tier 1 for mission critical applications such as email, as well as archival use case for long-term data preservation,” says Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality, adding, “With HDD and servers becoming increasingly able to support multiple power modes, down to zero-watt, disk based archive is becoming a real option. Scality is committed to decreasing the cost of storage, year after year, while allowing every piece of content to remain accessible and searchable.”

* Scality’s implementation of erasure coding technology is called its Advanced Resilience Configuration (ARC). This implementation ensures data persistency while massively reducing storage system overhead and providing data protection at the lowest possible cost.

Director of Corporate Communications

Julie Greene