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Scale infinitely, regardless of data volume


Scality reduces storage costs, improves data durability and eliminates silos

Two-thirds of data stored on primary storage goes untouched, which results in a monumental waste of resources.  Combined with the tremendous data explosion, archiving data can break the bank.

The solution needs to make economic sense. Costs need to be closer to tape and cloud-based cold storage, but with better access and SLAs. Regulatory compliance requires long-term retention. Capacity needs to be sufficient for exponential growth.

Cost-effective with instant access to tens of petabytes 

Scality file and object storage protects and keeps a wide range of valuable data and assets in a reliable “last copy” archive store at a cost 60% less than traditional storage.  

Scality NAS Archiver is a special feature within Scality RING that assesses data access patterns and highlights cost savings. It then moves inactive data from expensive tier-1 network-attached storage (NAS) to more cost-efficient archival storage that keeps data online and always accessible.

For all data moved from a traditional NAS environment to the RING, a super-optimized data protection strategy ensures a zero recovery point objective and zero recovery time objective. Offloading dormant data to RING also lowers backup time and costs.

  •  “The Scality RING solution helped achieve continued reductions in price-per-gigabyte and price-per-IOPS costs.”

    Andrei Gasheyev, Internet Services Architect, Comcast

Did you know?

  • $6.5 billion

    Estimated worth of the data archiving market in 2021*

  • 80%+

    of stored data hasn't been accessed in more than a year*

  • 800%

    Enterprise storage growth predicted by Gartner over 5 years*

Scality helps eliminate silos with a scalable and durable data archive solution

  • Assured ransomware recovery

    S3 object locking assures recovery, plus RING is SEC 17a-4 compliant for financial data archives: WORM, retention periods, legal holds and auditing
  • Ultra-reliable for long-term data

    Bit-rot integrity protection and self-healing ensure that the last copy of your data is safe
  • Online access to data

    A wide range of interfaces makes access user friendly
  • Endless scalability

    Say goodbye to service disruptions or costly migration

With Scality your business gains

  • Significant cost savings

    60-90% TCO savings for dormant data archived to RING with NAS Archiver
  • TCO as low as tape

    Costs are lower by avoiding costly data migrations
  • Compatibility with popular archive solutions

    Validated for use with dozens of popular archive managers from Veritas, IBM, Komprise, Varonis, Atempo and many more

Safeguard your data with world-class archival partners

Scality integrates with the most respected archival providers and solutions.

  • Komprise partner


    Scality + Komprise extends capacity simply and transparently

    Scality and Komprise seamlessly work together to keep all data available, so organizations and users get the most from their data (and their data storage budgets).


    The joint enterprise data management solution integrates Komprise’s highly regarded data-aware management with Scality’s award-winning RING—a powerhouse combination that unites Komprise insight and data management automation with Scality’s hardware flexibility, unlimited linear scale, 100% availability and 14x9s of durability.


    By reducing TCO as much as 90%, customers can meet business objectives without sacrificing simplicity, scalability, resiliency, automation and affordability.

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