Zenko Multi-Cloud Data Controller

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Zenko free open source multi-cloud controller allows you to stay in control of your data across any cloud

What Is Zenko?

Assures data control in a multi-cloud world

  • Opens a new world of multi-cloud storage, free to use, extend, and embed into developer applications
  • Provides insight into and control of unstructured data
  • Leverages the efficiency and scale of the cloud storage

Zenko provides a unified interface across clouds
Builds on the success of Scality S3 Server, open-source AWS S3 API

3 Open Source Projects

  • An S3-compatible server called CloudServer: common API service
  • Backbeat: data manipulation service
  • Clueso: metadata search and analytics

Did we mention that Zenko can run anywhere—in physical, virtualized, or cloud environments?

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Zenko Webinar: Enabling Data Control in a Multi-cloud World

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With Giorgio Regni, Scality Co-Founder and CTO

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