Welcome Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage to the Scality Product Family

We are pleased to announce the availability of Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage. Scality has been working closely with the Azure Storage team at Microsoft for the past several months on Scality Connect. Our product enables any application that works with Amazon S3 to support Azure Blob Storage. Why is this important? All of your proven Amazon S3 applications can start using Azure Blob Storage – without development effort or costly and time-consuming rewrites. You can read the press release here.

Scality Connect is offered as an application in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Users with an Azure Marketplace subscription can select Scality Connect from the Marketplace and start an instance hosted in their Azure Account. We also implemented Scality Connect as a stateless service that is hosted on a VM within a customer’s Azure subscription.

Scality Connect uses native Azure Blob Storage API calls to map S3 Buckets and Objects to Containers and Blobs. This means that data stored in Azure Blob Storage through Scality Connect is not obfuscated in any way or stored in a proprietary format.

This deployment model and the architecture drive a number of key benefits:

  • Fast and easy deployment through a few clicks in the Marketplace
  • S3 API compatible for Bucket, Objects and Multi-Part Upload operations
  • Stateless architecture enables scale-out of performance, load balancing and failover
  • Data stored in Azure Blob Storage is in native Container and Blob format, so it can be accessed directly from other Azure applications and services.

Here is a diagram of the architecture:

Scality Connect for Microsoft Azure Blog Storage Architecture

Try Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage
Scality Connect will automatically translate Amazon S3 API calls to Azure Blob Storage API calls. And best of all, Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage stores data in Azure native format so you can access your data with Azure cloud services such as Cortana Analytics, PowerBI, or Azure Machine Learning toolsets.

You can learn more about Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage here and purchase on Azure Marketplace here.

Still have questions? Scality and Microsoft will also be hosting a webinar on October 24 to provide a demonstration of Scality Connect and respond to audience queries. Sign up!

Check out Scality Connect on Azure Marketplace

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