Scality’s SDS Day London 2017

If attendance at Scality’s first Software-Defined Storage Day in London on September 20th is any indication, it’s pretty clear that people are looking for solutions to the ever-growing data storage issue.  The meeting room at the Shangri-La Hotel at the iconic Shard was so full that they had to bring in extra chairs during the break.

Over coffee, before the speaking kicked-off, attendees enjoyed the great view from the 35th floor at the Shard, and an opportunity to visit and speak with Scality partners HPE, Ctera, ASG Atempo, Veeam and Storage Made Easy.  More than 100 invited guests—Scality customers, future customers and partners—attended to learn from peers and industry experts how to navigate the ever more complex issues surrounding data: locating it, protecting it, using it, sharing it and managing its retention, among other things.

Yes, the view from the meeting room was spectacular, but all eyes were facing the speakers once the meeting started with a welcome from Jérôme Lecat, Scality’s CEO, who shared the company’s view of the software-defined technology landscape and thanked attendees, speakers and partners for joining.   Jerome was followed by Chris Evans, an IT Architecture consultant who shared his views on “Data Mobility in a Multi-Cloud World.”  Tim Hart of Transport Systems Catapult talked about that organization’s goals for user focus, integrated and efficient Intelligent Mobility, the future of mobility as a service and the need for storage to support it all because “data sharing is key.”  He cited scalability as a key factor as well, because it’s hard to predict how much storage you’ll need later when the data keeps changing and growing.  TSC has a variety of data from VR/AR labs, geospacial modelling, autonomous vehicle testing and more.  He also lauded Scality’s great collaborative spirit, saying “They really provide great support; they don’t disappear after they get the money.”

Rob Bourne, CIO of DSTL spoke about the challenges of managing data in and S&T organization.  His team faces the challenges of identifying needs and integrating across industry, academia, government and allies as the Ministry of Defence’s IT organization.  He spends a lot of time debunking “myths and legends” around appropriate data formats and storage (wet signatures and forever retentions among the debated topics).  He also shared a true bit of general wisdom when he said, “We have an 80/20 rule: 80% of people think they’re special, and maybe 20% actually are.”

Full House for Scality SDS Day London 2017

Phil Lewis, HPE’s Director, EMEA Storage kept up the software-defined storage theme with his talk on SDS and New Business Data Demands; exploring the need to evolve and innovate through the three horizons for development in today’s Idea Economy.

Our own Brad King, Scality’s Chief Engineering Architect, brought us “Hyper, hybrid, multi-cloud detox,” clearing the air on overused—and misused—terminology and hype: Cloud (off-prem, on-demand IT), Hybrid Cloud (on-prem/off-prem mix), Multi-Cloud (multi-vendor, best of breed cloud),  XaaS (anything as a service) and SDX (software-defined everything).  It’s all about choice—and he introduced Zenko as the multi-cloud starter kit.  (For more on Zenko, take a look at

We wrapped-up with a partner panel discussion on the topic of “Data Availability and Governance: protecting your most vital assets and the impact of regulations,”  a topic that’s top of mind for today’s CIO, to be sure.

Off to Düsseldorf, now….SDS Day Düsseldorf.  Look for a summary later this week.

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