Scality S3 Server Marks 100K Pulls on Docker Hub!

This is truly a momentous occasion for Team Scality. For those who don’t know what ‘pulls’ are, they are, in fact, downloads. Our open source Scality S3 Server has been accessed 100,000 times in just about 8 months, something we did not expect in this time frame. We are ecstatic. We couldn’t be more proud of the team who have devoted more than a year of their time and effort to help us mark this accomplishment.

But, what is Scality S3 Server?

It’s an Amazon Web Services-compatible open source object storage server. The code is written in Node.js. It is a single instance running in a Docker container, and it uses Docker volumes for persistent storage. Scality S3 Server uses the same code as the Scality RING S3 interface and includes an Apache 2.0 license. Note, it’s not a distributed system (that’s the paid version, S3 for Enterprise). However, it does have the same level of compatibility as our S3 interface for the Scality RING.

When we first envisioned this project, we knew we were exploring some uncharted territory. For one thing, we are a for-profit company. Releasing an open source version of our software seemed like a risky business decision. We also felt that it could be a great move, one that would lead to wider adoption of the S3 interface and a proliferation of S3-compatible applications.

Scality CTO Giorgio Regni, the internal project champion for the S3 Server, stated, “S3 has become the de-facto standard API for digital business applications to store unstructured data, but until now there was no easy solution to locally develop and test an application that could be deployed at web-scale.” The goal was to deliver something very easy to use. For those who may want to test it on their machines, visit the repository on GitHub or Docker Hub and start a download. Check out our video “From 0 to S3 in Five Minutes” to get started.

The Scality S3 Server version of our S3 API has been packaged as an S3 Server in a Docker container and is extremely easy to deploy, even on a laptop. Scality S3 Server is based on the same code as the product version, deployed in production for billions of objects and petabytes of storage with Scality RING Version 6.

We believe in open source. We believe in the power of the community. Thank you, Scality S3 Server community, for helping us reach 100,000 downloads!

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See how easy it is to install and start tinkering with your own instance of Scality S3 Server!

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