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Daniel Binsfeld CoFounder VP DevOps and Global Support

Daniel Binsfeld is a man of action. He’s been running operations and customer services in the tech industry for twenty years, so he likes to get stuck in and quickly find a solution to fix any problem. But Daniel has another facet too : he likes being creative and taking time to think things over. That’s why in 2016 he proposed building and leading a new team of engineers dedicated to developing specific features of the Scality software making it easier for the clients to use.

As one of the founders of Scality, Daniel has expansive knowledge of the start-up software. He also has great experience in solving the customers problems as he established all the support teams for the company, in Europe, the US and in Asia.

Promotion Career Evolution and ProgressThis wasn’t enough for Daniel. He wanted to use his experience to construct something else. So he had the idea of creating this new team which would not only fix the biggest issues from the customers but also build special tools so that the problems wouldn’t happen again.

“My idea was to select engineers from the different support teams who knew best how to use the software and together develop features so that clients would have the best product experience. It’s like designing an airplane cockpit, the task is a lot easier if you already know how to fly a plane,” he explains.

In his new role, Daniel feels truly happy. He enjoys helping his team by sharing his experience as well as giving them enough freedom so that they can find solutions by themselves. “What I love best about my job is my team. They’re really motivated and proud to deal with the challenges they’re facing. I feel really privileged to work with them” he says.

Outside work, Daniel is looking forward to having another experience. Thanks to his exceptional contribution to the company since the beginning of the start-up, Daniel will be able to take a career break for six months to go on a tour of the US, where he has been living since 2014, in a camper van with his wife and their two boys. “It’s all about being together, taking our time and sharing everything we discover. I can’t wait to do it,” he confides.

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