Fact vs. Fiction FICTION #1:  Software-Defined Storage Is Just Vendor Hype In the early days of software-defined storage (SDS), some over-ambitious vendors repackaged existing products and slapped an SDS tag on them, in a ham-fisted attempt to gain a quick foothold in an emerging market. Initially, this tarnished the concept and slowed adoption. But that was then. This is now. Over the past five years, SDS has earned due recognition and market acceptance as the best route to immense storage capacity at low cost. In a recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group, 68% of IT leaders say they’ve committed to.
When people think of securing data, their thought process usually begins and ends with encryption.  Encryption is a great start but it is certainly not the end of an organization’s journey to properly secure their data. Along the long road to achieving security greatness should come a stop for talks about compliance. In this blog, I will take you on a quick journey about what is commonly needed for compliance with a cloud storage solution. There are many different regulatory rules out there that organizations are using. For example, HIPAA is a set of security rules and safeguards that must.

Fast-Forwarding Enterprise Backup

A revolution is in the offing for one of the most time-honored and familiar IT rituals: data backup. As Digital Business continues to multiply the volume of incoming data, the average enterprise backup has reached a petabyte or more in scale.
Jérôme Lecat
Guest Post écrit par SCC Le stockage est l’un des derniers bastions de l’IT où l’impact du digital a tardé à se faire sentir. Pourtant, après vingt ans d’une lente évolution, l’ensemble de l’écosystème du stockage semble vivre un réveil brutal. Nouvelles technologies logicielles et non plus seulement matérielles avec le SDS (software-defined stockage), nouveaux business models, systèmes plus flexibles et moins chers… La révolution est en marche alors que longtemps on a pu se contenter de changements incrémentaux successifs. Le tout, bien sûr, au service des utilisateurs et des entreprises. Quel futur pour l’infrastructure ? Et quelle place, demain, pour.
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