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Scality RING software defined object storage provides a fundamentally different way to store and manage data, transcending the limitations of storage appliances and NAS.

scale availability for petabyte storage

Always On –
Guaranteed 100% Uptime

scale capacity with object storage for petabyte scale applications

Scale Capacity and
Performance On Demand

Enterprise Cloud-ready Petabyte storage

Enterprise Cloud Storage Ready

Always On – Guaranteed 100% Uptime


Scality RING

Scality RING fully protects you against downtime. Which is to say, you won’t experience any. Ever. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

  • Erasure coding insulates data from hardware failures
  • The result is a truly always-on, 24×7 operational system

TelenetTelenet has run its storage on Scality RING for 6 continuous years without a moment of downtime.

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Scale Capacity and Performance on Demand

Enterprise Cloud Storage software defined storage

When you need to grow, just add more servers. Scality RING automatically rebalances data to allow unlimited growth. No matter how many petabytes you scale to.

  • As your system expands, data is dynamically redistributed to ensure that hardware is always utilized to optimal efficiency
  • Scality RING delivers a consistent “14 nines” of data durability


SFR serves a dozen Scality RING-based apps to a million users, and doubled its storage volume to 6 petabytes in a year, with no performance degradation or latency penalty.

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Enterprise Cloud Ready

Scality RING provides a secure, S3-optimized cloud infrastructure for all your data, regardless of its type or format:

  • RESTful and S3 interfaces support object data
  • Native NFS and SMB compatibility do the same for file-based data
  • Scality RING provides full encryption with LDAP and Active Directory integration for secure access control


Natixis, a Global 2000 bank, has deployed a 3 petabyte Scality RING as a backup target for IBM Spectrum Protect.

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enterprise-ready-storage software defined storage


Lower Your IT Costs

Scality delivers more for less, lowering your capital and operating expenses by up to 80%.

  • Scality RING runs on any combination of affordable industry-standard X86 servers—at a fraction of the cost of expensive proprietary hardware
  • Use the latest hardware when it’s available. Expand with the fastest, densest models as soon as they appear

In a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact study, Scality RING customers realized 229% ROI and payback on their storage costs within 6 months.

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Creating Magic for Customers

We think innovations should be judged by their business results. Our customers are part of the digital transformation. Take a look at the magic customers are making with Scality. Then draw your own conclusions.

21 Petabytes, 23 Million Users, and Growing

Thanks to Scality, Orange easily expands its consumer cloud without limits. Performance stays high, per-unit storage costs stay low.

Now Playing: More than 3 Billion Videos

The world’s second largest video website serves up 3 billion videos for 300 million unique users every month. All powered by Scality storage.

Dramatically Higher Capacity, Lower Cost

Scality RING makes Comcast’s email system easier to manage, much more affordable to run, and always available to 30 million users.

Cloud Computing Business Foundation

BroadBand Tower, a trailblazer in the speciality Internet data center business, uses Scality RING as a foundation of its cloud computing business.

Want to see more magic?

We have many more success stories—complete with facts and figures to back them up. Explore them all on our customer page.

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Visionary Thinking

Scality began with a handful of technologists equipped with the foresight to see the endpoint of legacy storage… and the talent and audacity to take a fresh approach.

“What makes the RING unique is that we looked at the application needs first, had the chance to challenge all preconceived ideas, and the nerve to start from a blank page.”

Giorgio Regni
Founder and CTO

Innovation is in Our DNA

Zenko. Bringing open source to object storage

In 2016 Scality reached out to the open source community with the release of Scality S3 Server (now called CloudServer)—our open source version of Amazon’s S3 API, the de facto standard for object storage.

More than 50,000 developers are already using CloudServer to create new apps and use cases for object storage. With CloudServer, coders can develop and debug on a laptop, pilot locally, and deploy in the cloud on AWS, or on-premises with Scality RING.

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Initial release in 2016

2,000,000+ Docker Pulls

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