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July 19th – A special date for a special moment: today is the four year anniversary of OpenStack.

By the numbers, the OpenStack is impressive like a rolling stone: 140 countries, 18,000 contributors, 400 members, and 10+ projects. In just four years, OpenStack has become the de facto reference for the Data Center of the future. CIOs and other IT leaders now recognize the value of an integrated cloud computing architecture and wish to clone and adopt a similar model. Clearly OpenStack is helping them to achieve this now and into the future. They dream about the elastic qualities of a Twitter, Google, or Amazon data center and believe OpenStack will help them deliver it.

In just four years, this powerful initiative has attained a central position in the industry with all IT vendors (I should say almost all as Microsoft is still absent). For example, the relatively new OpenStack Marketplace is already becoming a great place to discover some very interesting and leading solutions from all the members.


After 9 releases, Juno will be presented in Paris during the next Summit and will be a key milestone for the Foundation. Join us for a fantastic edition, Paris Summit will rock for sure !!

Philippe Nicolas, Industry Strategy (pn@scality.com)

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