Webinar: ASG & Scality


Active Archives allow businesses to have a permanent view of their data and permit easy access to files whenever they are needed. Active Archives are an attractive storage solution because; 1) they allow storage administrators to store data on the most suitable media type (solid-state drive/flash, hard disk drives, magnetic tape, optical disk, and cloud), given the specific retention and restoration requirements of their data, and 2) since a variety of media types can be chosen, less time sensitive or infrequently accessed data can be stored on less expensive media, eliminating the need for administrators to manually migrate data between storage systems.

With more and more data becoming useful over longer periods of time, and data reuse opportunities growing, Active Archives have never been more relevant. Rather than focus on low media costs – new solutions that provide far superior speed of data access, don’t require migration, and low overhead to maintain data integrity are now available – at superior cost. In comparison, tape archives are cumbersome at best, and often unusable.

This webinar will have two parts:

  1. An overview of the ADA + RING Petabyte-Scale Active Archive Solution; an integrated active archive solution that delivers both a very fast online archive and a deep archive with no scalability limitations.
  2. A discussion with Robert Overzee, Product Marketing Manager at ASG, Leo Leung, VP of Corporate Marketing at Scality, and Tom Leyden, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Scality, covering the following topics:
    • The flexibility of Software-Defined Storage Solutions.
    • Active Archives, and the need for unlimited scalability to accommodate business future growth.
    • How to get more value out of your data at lower cost than you previously thought possible.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015:

Session 1: 12 AM Pacific/9:00 AM Central Europe Time

Wednesday, February 25, 2015:

Session 2: 11 AM Pacific/20:00 PM Central Europe Time

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