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The cloud-computing paradigm has disrupted the technology landscape by changing how we build and consume technology. Google, Amazon, and other advanced service providers are powering this accelerated pace with a new model of IT: one based entirely on standard servers, powered by independent software, where the infrastructure is a utility at the service of applications through programmatic interfaces.

Web application and cloud service providers are now deploying similar architectures. Web application providers at scale want the operational cost benefit of deploying their own infrastructure instead of paying the hidden cost of public cloud services. Cloud service providers need to expand their services to their customers but for that they need more efficient infrastructures to become competitive with the bigger players.

Scality RING for Web & Cloud

The Scality RING enables Web Application and Cloud Service providers to build petabyte-scale storage infrastructures that meet all the performance and availability and durability requirements for scale-out web applications at a much lower cost than public cloud offerings. The Scality RING features a wide range of interfaces and protocols to enable easy application integration.


Key RING Benefits

  • No trade-offs, flexible, geo-aware platform
  • Unlimited, linear scalability
  • Mixed workloads: high throughput & IOPS, low latency
  • Easy application integration through various protocols – pure REST protocols (playing to Scality’s strengths) are common, with very little to no NAS protocol requirements
  • Always online
  • Low TCO through efficient storage usage and simple management

Why choose Scality RING for Web & Cloud?

Accessibility: The Scality RING native REST API does not require HTTP to NFS translation

Scalability: Scality RING can scale up resources to support any required user load

Performance: Scality RING scales linearly under load without performance degradation

Cost: Scality Scality RING is much more economical than AWS S3, with no hidden bandwidth costs

Availability: Scality RING has demonstrated 100% uptime with real customers

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