Scality at VMworld 2016

Now it’s time to look at exponential GROWTH.

One of the highlights of VMworld 2016 for us was our participation in Tech Field Day. These events provide a valuable forum that brings thought leaders and IT professionals together to share information in a discussion and presentation format.

ActualTech Media’s James Green Interviews Jérôme Lecat

Scality CEO Jérôme Lecat discusses the flexibility and versatility of object storage as it meets the exploding data storage needs of today’s digital business.

In addition, Scality’s S3 Server, with almost 1000 downloads in the past two months, provides a fast and easy gateway for developers to integrate with AWS locally.

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“I was only peripherally aware of Scality until last week when I attended the Scality presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2016. I came away impressed.”


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Tech FieldDayExtra at VMworld 2016

Scality gave a few presentations at TechFieldDay Extra and had a great time! Below are videos and slides from our presentation.

Scality Storage for Digital Business with Jerome Lecat

Jerome Lecat, CEO, introduces Scality and discusses the digital transformation of business and how Scality offers a solution for businesses to take advantage of object-based storage in the cloud.

Scality S3 Connector for the Enterprise

Paul Speciale, VP of Product Management, introduces the Scality S3 Connector for Enterprise, which allows IT professionals to take advantage of Amazon S3 storage while providing a way to manage their storage on-premesis as well.

August 30, 2016

Industry Leaders Partner to Offer Service Providers and Enterprises with the Most Efficient and Scalable Hosted Cloud Storage

During VMworld, Scality announced its partnership with the world’s third-largest hosting and Internet infrastructure provider, OVH, to deliver a joint solution designed for large-scale storage needs.

  • Scale-Out NAS for 200TB usable and more
  • S3 Object Storage for 200TB usable and more

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