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Scality's Objectives


Data is at the heart of human progress. The applications for file and object data are endless: Genomics research to find a cure, video files for the next binge-worthy series, industrial devices to improve manufacturing safety, medical imaging for faster diagnoses, or even autonomous cars using cameras and sensors to avoid accidents.  At Scality we’ve built a data management ecosystem to protect and propel our customers into the digital age — together.  We put humans at the core of everything we build.  IT leaders work with us to handle the most complex data environments, designing solutions that unearth business insights. 

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    About Scality


    In an accelerated world with increasing complexity, we believe that managing data at massive scale requires an elevated sense of design and orchestration. Infused with human ingenuity, the future of data is not only a science but also an art form.

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    Edge and cloud computing

    Scality RING and ARTESCA

    Managing file and object data from cloud-to-core-to-edge. Powering many of the everyday digital services we all depend on, Scality products are proven in the world’s largest banks, healthcare providers, media companies, transportation, telco and cloud service providers.

  • Scality Partners

    The best storage architects

    We partner with industry leaders

    Scality is committed to the best integrations in the data ecosystem. We work closely with leading hardware and platform manufacturers to design, build and deliver best-of-breed storage platforms. Furthermore, Scality nurtures a broad ecosystem of application partners to put together fully integrated solutions that exceed customer requirements and solve key business challenges across a wide range of use cases. Additionally, as a leader in hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, Scality integrates and partners with the top public cloud providers. 

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    How customers are innovating with Scality

    Our Customers

    Scality customers span industries, use cases and continents. See how they rely on Scality for mission-critical applications, including advancing intelligent mobility, ensuring petabytes of medical imaging data remain secure and available, preserving digitized national treasures, supporting millions of email and entertainment subscribers, improving security in prison facilities, and more.

The future of Storage

ARTESCA: the storage solution for object, agile and native cloud
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