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No doubt about it: The volume of digital video is growing. So is the demand for that content (and in so many formats!).  Recently, Scality issued a new piece of content for the Media & Entertainment industry. The Video Distribution & Nearline Archive eBook offers a useful overview of how object storage can support large quantities of video content. Content distribution networks (CDNs), which serve streaming audio and video on demand services, can benefit from Scality RING object storage solution in terms of

  • Massive scalability
  • Lower IT costs
  • Support for mixed workloads
  • Outstanding professional support
  • 100% availability
  • A host of ISV partners

This comprehensive resource answers a host of questions, addressing issues such as security, complexity, sizing, performance, durability, and even best practices. Several case studies are also presented, which should help you get a better feel for how customers are using Scality RING in real-world deployments.

If you’re tasked with storage infrastructure planning for a media & entertainment environment, you’ll want to download this new eBook.

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Scality named a leader for object storage and distributed systems

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