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Vianney Rancurel is an avid pianist. “What I like about playing the piano is that there is always something new to learn and improve upon. It gives me great pleasure,” he says. Vianney reflects the same attitude towards his work. Always looking out for new ideas, he has had a really diverse career, from creating his own company when he was only 22 years old to teaching computer science in an engineering school.

At Scality, where he has been since the company’s beginnings, Vianney was one of the first people who developed the start-up’s market-leading software. Then, as director of the research team, his mission was to improve Scality software by exploring lots of different paths and finding the most promising among them. His group, comprising five people, produced several patents for advanced concepts, wrote many scientific papers and presented at several conferences about their work around the world.

However, as Scality grew, the research team was less and less needed. Therefore leadership decided to disband it and create a new one, called IronMan, made up of half of the members of the old team. The IronMan team’s objective was clear : developing, in just one year, a crucial component which was missing from Scality software.

Vianney Rancurel single black and white headshotFor Vianney, who was appointed architect of the project and had to move to San Francisco to do so, it was a bit of a shock. As director of the old research team, he had had a certain amount of freedom, but now he had to be totally focused on one big challenge and construct it from A to Z. Vianney, however, soon bounced back. “Vianney is really determined and constructive. He quickly learned where his priorities lay to guarantee the project’s success,” confides one of the leaders.

On his new team, Vianney’s experience is invaluable. Having worked for 20 years in the IT industry, he knows at first glance which solution will work and which one won’t. So he can guide his team in the right technical direction. More than ever, Vianney wants to innovate. “I want to add new features to the product so it can be improved. There are still lots of things to do and I’m really excited about making them happen,” he stated.

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