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Scality RING is a great fit throughout the Media & Entertainment supply chain: from Post- Production, to Content Distribution, to Media Asset Management and Archiving. The Media & Entertainment storage need is huge, and continues to grow. SD is still in use in a few variations, and Ultra HD is moving from 4K to 8K and 3D is still out there, while VR is growing.

Media Pain Points

Media and Entertainment Key Challenges


An efficient workflow for media post- production must keep assets “active” and constantly available. Scality RING software-defined object storage accomplishes that.

Accessibility matters

Workflow in media post-production, visual effects (VFX) or gaming can be interrupted by waiting for restoration from tape archives, productivity takes a big hit causing congestion on distribution stall time.

Asset Management

Managing digital media assets, whether during the production process or afterwards, is critical to smooth workflow and maximising asset revenue. Data must be always accessible, always available.

On Demand

Services that allow users to choose what they watch or listen to whenever they choose to, rather than having to watch or listen at a specific broadcast time (the old-school linear way).


Patience just is not a virtue of the streaming media consumer nowadays. In our on-demand world, the expectation is that streaming starts at the click, without any lag.


Keep control of digital media assets to maximize revenue. Centralize storage, rather than tying your assets to a CDN provider, to lower costs and expand monetization options.

Scality RING Value Proposition

Lower Costs

Scality RING is the only storage solution to lower TCO by allowing a mix and match of industry-standard, off-the-shelf servers. Unlike conventional storage, Scality RING enables worry-free, virtually limitless, and seamless as data is managed by software, and not tied to rigid HW appliance form factors.

Mixed Workloads

Scality has the performance and low latency to address 80% of storage workloads across small and large files and objects, high bandwidth and IOPS — and all in one single multi-application environment that supports multiple file & object protocols so that a single storage infrastructure can accommodate both files and objects.

Better Support

Customer satisfaction and uptime are paramount to Scality. Ask any of our customers and they will attest to our world-class response time. We are also consistently recognized by industry analysts such as the Gartner Group and IDC as a leader in object and cloud storage.

Unlimited Scale

Scale linearly with the growth of content and provide great performance across media workloads. This allows consolidation of data and aggregation of workflows into a single, highly-resilient, cost-effective platform that doesn’t lock you into hardware and enables 100% availability and 14×9’s of durability, maintaining availability through hardware failures, capacity expansions, software upgrades, and hardware generations, with minimal intervention and minimal storage overhead.

Viable Options

The storage options that are pushed in media & entertainment can get confusing. How to sort it all out? Look
at the partner ecosystem. Scality works closely with leading M&E applications vendors to ensure interoperability. Our tight relationships with partners, ensure worry-free, optimized interoperability.

Perfect Fit

Scality Support & Services help ensure our customers have the tools and support they need to be successful with the Scality RING: from service to training to custom work and Proof of Concept systems.

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Scality RING™for Media and Entertainment

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Scality RING Storage Delivers for Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment Disruptions Solved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Scality help with my Origin Server strategy?

Here, we’re a strong play against Isilon as the legacy solution (examples include Eurosport and Dailymotion). Universally, customers and prospects who are using Isilon tell us that they’re tired of being held hostage by it: cost and lock-in are huge issues. Scality wins based on TCO and on our customer success stories in the space.
Another “take-out” example is Deluxe OnDemand, based in San Diego. They were storing their full media content catalog at the CDN/Edge layer (Akamai). That created pain points including:
Cost: they were paying to store content to a 3rd party CDN/Edge.
Lock-in: this is lock-in of a different sort than we usually talk about. Because content was on Akamai, it couldn’t be shared with other CDN/Edge providers (Limelight, Edgecast …), so monetization opportunities were reduced.
Being tied to one CDN/Edge provider means inheriting their limitations, which could be overcome by having options.
Deluxe and Scality have built an Origin Server to store Deluxe OnDemand’s media content catalog, eliminating the pain points: reducing the TCO and enabling increased revenue by enabling content to be shared across multiple CDN/Edge providers.

Is Scality more complicated than standard NAS appliances?

Appliances do have deployment advantages at smaller scale, but SDS like Scality grows in efficiency as the system scales. You can scale to tens of petabytes and still administer the system with only one FTE. Decoupling the data protection from the hardware enables greater durability as well – a big issue in this industry. Maintenance can be on a rolling basis with no loss of availability, and hardware can be replaced and added with no downtime and complete flexibility in hardware choice.

How secure is Scality?

The Scality RING supports application-driven encryption, and object-level encryption for its object interface. This provides greater flexibility when it comes to deployment and key management.

Is there a limit to my content repository size with Scality?

The Scality RING is an object store at its core, offering both native object protocol access (S3, HTTP REST, CDMI) and file system protocols (NFS, SMB, FUSE). By leveraging object storage, we don’t hit traditional file system inode limitations that other storage systems do (as with building multiple NAS heads, which becomes very difficult to manage at the multi- petabyte scale).
At the lower layer, all chunks are stored via HTTP request (PUT, GET, DELETE) and leverage a unique key identifier coded on 160 bits. A single RING addressable namespace is near limitless, at 2^160.
There is no limit to the number of files that can be stored on the RING, or to the number of storage nodes/disks that can be added to a RING cluster, allowing you to grow from 1 or 2PBs to 10s or 100s of PBs.

What happens if a server or disk fails...can I still get to my content? More importantly, can our customers get to the content?

Hardware failures happen, so they need to be part of the plan. The Scality RING is designed with that eventuality in mind—and has been from the start. If (really, when) a disk fails, or even an entire chassis goes down, the RING’s architecture ensures that no data is lost, and that all data remains available, so monetization opportunity is optimized.

How does Scality affect my performance expectations?

Scality RING is a disk-based solution with all the benefits of random access. Multiple streams and connectors can be deployed for higher performance.
The RING achieves exceptional performance by parallelizing operations, performance grows linearly with the capacity. A write cache mechanism allows faster acknowledge to applications.

How does Scality affect my content durability expectations?

The Scality RING is designed to expect and manage a wide range of component failures including disks, servers, networks – even across multiple data centers – while ensuring that data remains durable and available under these conditions. The RING provides data durability through a set of flexible data protection mechanisms optimized for distributed systems, including replication, erasure coding and geo- replication capabilities that allow applications to select the best data protection strategies for their data. These flexible data protection mechanisms exploit Scality’s design principle to address a wide spectrum (80%) of storage workloads and data sizes.

Does Scality RING Meet MPAA Best Practices Guidelines?

The Motion Picture Association of America publishes MPAA Best Practices Guidelines for Content Security. These guidelines are centered on securing intellectual property. They list their guiding principles as these, which are fairly basic, succinct data storage goals:

  • Don’t lose content.
  • Don’t let someone steal content.
  • If content is lost or stolen, report it immediately.
  • Don’t let security measures disrupt production.

For the most part, the specifics of the best practices have more to do with facilities than with the storage system itself, so a cloud storage solution would need to address MPAA Best Practices. Scality’s robust, flexible software-defined storage can help.

How can Scality help with my Nearline / SAN Staging strategy?

Scality is deployed in Nearline archival applications as well. It’s a good fit as a Nearline/ SAN Staging area between their Tier 1 SAN and LTO tapes, even eliminating the need to keep LTO tapes for archive. Scality RING simplifies complex workflows and makes data more available than tape, without using costlier Tier 1 SAN.

  • Ingest new incoming content on the RING instead of on the Tier1 SAN.
  • Keep long term archive of content on the RING.
  • Can even back up Tier 1 SAN in a pinch for some transcoding or even streaming.

In this use case, the RING is really an extension to Tier1 SAN that allows you to control its utilization and make adding to expensive Tier1 SAN unnecessary.

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