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by Jason Lee

There was a time when I was the envy of all my friends. Since I work in marketing, I was responsible for planning corporate events for my company. This role gave me access to attend these events – many of which involved suites with the Golden State Warriors. At times, I was even given our set of four season tickets located courtside, two rows behind the Warriors bench.

But the perks didn’t end there. My sports event “portfolio” also consisted of season tickets and catered suites to all the other Bay Area sports teams as well: the 49ers, Giants, Sharks, and A’s.

For someone who fell in love with Bay Area sports, especially basketball, at an early age, it was a dream come true experience. I called this the “suite life.”

If you follow the NBA, you’ve surely heard by now that the Golden State Warriors just finished a 16 game win streak. They’re extremely exciting and fun to watch – It’s definitely a good time to go to Warriors games as often as possible. Too bad I gave those tickets up.


After a year and a half in my previous role, I wasn’t being challenged. I felt that great ideas I had were being constrained but more importantly, I stopped learning and growing. The events were great, but I wanted a work environment where I could use my ideas, dive deeper into the industry and have a sense that what I was doing was helping to move the company forward.

I started applying for jobs and before I knew it, I had some very appealing offers from great companies in front of me. I had all but made up my mind on where I’d be spending my next few years. But then, enter Scality.

In the interview process, I met with the CEO, COO and then CMO. They pitched me the idea of working for a start up that grew 500% in 2013 and the chance of working with a product, the Scality RING, that in a short span already signed big name customers (Comcast, Time Warner Cable to name a few). More importantly, they implanted the idea that I’d be part of a marketing team that would educate the world about a new disruptive technology. The interview talks blew me away and shortly after, I gladly accepted the opportunity.

What I didn’t expect when I joined was how fast things would be moving or how strong and awesome the overall culture at Scality would be.

Scality believes that “Ideas were never meant to be bound”, so much so that it’s the title of the video on our homepage. Each employee is encouraged to learn from their coworkers and every person is always happy to teach and assist whenever possible. Company-wide, we’ve discovered there’s an incredible amount of knowledge we can give each other.

“Work hard, play hard, eat well and amaze the customer” is the company trademark engrained into our everyday lives by our CEO Jerome Lecat. Our employees happily follow this motto.

In my nine short months working here, the company has grown significantly, gained more big name customers like Dailymotion, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Numergy, solidified a reseller agreement with HP and has a exciting 2015 planned.

I consider myself lucky to have a great job, and even luckier to have incredible coworkers who are also awesome and fun people. Weekly group lunches, ad hoc happy hours, nail biting Ping-Pong matches and countless hours of witty banter have become my “work norm”. Recently, Jerome even launched a program where employees can be reimbursed for sports equipment and athletic competitions.

Working here has also given me a chance to see more of the world. With offices in San Francisco, Virginia, Paris and Tokyo and corporate events all over, I’ve gone from traveling to local events to traveling around the world to do my job.

I’m in a great spot with an amazing company, fantastic coworkers and an environment where I can learn and thrive. Life is good.

My friends however still ask how I gave up my last job and all those sports tickets. I give them all the same response:

I gave up the suite life for the sweet life.

I do, however, still miss those courtside Warriors tickets.


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