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December 6th – Adoption is growing fast for Scality during the last few months with several various use cases. As we target large environments with tons of small or large files, we see that users started to consider the RING platform for different usages. In fact, many of them begun with one specific need and several months of usages later associated with a strong real trust in the platform, they realize the flexibility of the RING and started to enable new connectors for new applications.

Many of them used object API for specific applications then they declare an NFS connector or a FUSE based file connector to store backup images, data archives, new unstructured content associated with ECM… just to name a few. One of the characteristics of the RING is the number of connectors exposed outside with object API (HTTP/REST, CDMI, or S3 compatible) or file based interface (Scality SOFS, NFS, CIFS, AFP, FTP, Hadoop…). With this behavior, the RING platform continues to penetrate the market by multiplying use cases on the same data storage platform and grow exponentially in term of data volume stored. In a few words, Scality RING delivers ONE cluster for all your unstructured content.

Philippe Nicolas, Product Strategy (pn@scality.com)

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