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The profile of software-defined storage is growing fast. A few years ago, the “storage software” category would have been filled with software that managed storage appliances. Today, it is filled with software that IS storage.

Some say the SDS category has no clear definition. While it is true that there are a range of different types of products, some fundamentals are solidifying: is the software truly independent of hardware? Does it encompass enough of the essential capabilities of storage like access and data protection? Because most of the SDS products are relatively new, things like scalability, extensibility, and performance are still evolving.

This is where the Scality RING stands out the most. More than four years of large scale production deployments have hardened the product, and each Scality customer provides powerful proof points. More than 60 billion objects in a single system. Huge ranges of file sizes served, within single applications or across multiple applications. Tens of gigabytes of aggregate bandwidth consistently delivered against large web applications. Multiple generations and brands of servers and media types running together. Tens of millions of application end users supported day in and day out. Continued production replacements of traditional SAN, NAS, object, and tape products.

We’re thrilled to be leading this storage revolution and looking forward to another incredible year with new customers transforming their businesses, and existing customers continuing to grow their deployments and seeing even more value. Thank you Storage Magazine for the Bronze Award!

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