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Stephane Cance Technical Architect at Scality Paris

Meet Stephane Cance Technical Architect at Scality Paris whose Career has evolved

Stéphane Cance is a man on a mission. Recently, after working as a developer for a year and a half, he decided to apply to be a technical architect with one clear goal in mind : improving communication skills within the engineering team. His determination earned him the position, where he has achieved this goal whilst designing new software features and ensuring that it all works perfectly together.

In his new role, Stéphane never misses a chance to bring his colleagues closer together. “I always make sure that everybody is aware of what’s going on in the other teams. When two engineers are working separately on a similar subject, I tell them to talk to each other so that they can go in the same direction,” he reveals. By doing that, he has managed to gain his co-workers’ trust. People often come to see Stéphane knowing he will do his best to give them the advice they need to make their project successful.

Stéphane has another quality made for the job : his inquisitiveness. Before Scality, he enjoyed working in various domains of software uses, from satellite telecommunications to general public internet and computer security. Soon after his arrival in the start-up, he wasn’t content in doing only his job of developer, he also spent a lot of time helping customer service to fix problems. “I really like having hands on experience, it gives me a larger vision of how our product works,” he explains.

Today, Stéphane is really happy in his new job. He finds satisfaction giving people advice on a lot of different subjects. “Before I became architect, I felt a bit frustrated not being able to express my opinion on certain subjects. Now that I can influence the decision that will be made, I work my hardest so that the decision taken will be, technically speaking, the best for the company,” he concludes.

Photo credit: Frank Roesner


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