Creating Magic for Medical Providers with Unlimited Storage

Today, far more babies survive complications in birth, thanks to doctors, nurses, and the comprehensive use of digital imaging.

Store ePHI, keeping it safe and available–quickly, effortlessly, seamlessly

Availability matters; perhaps more in healthcare than anywhere, because patient care is at stake. The practical, operational and regulatory demands to create, store, and share patient data are real. Data storage is central to compliance–and to the practical matter of good patient care.

Scality delivers, providing superior data durability with on-line availability that’s guaranteed — with the ease of administration and low TCO that make it practical.

Scality RING Meets Business and Clinical Requirements

Availability and Access


Don’t slow clinicians down with access waits. Retrieve recent or archived images, studies, and records immediately. No tedious searching through tape archives or long load times.

Storage Integrity for Medical Imaging and Health Records


Don’t compromise patient care by risking loss of data—total loss or degradation in quality.

Scality RING Best TCO for Object Storage


Keep infrastructure and administrative costs low.  Mix and match standard x86 servers: no expensive proprietary hardware or hefty staff overhead.

Scality RING helps maintain privacy


Keep data safe to reduce breach risk—and associated regulatory penalties.

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Discover and explore storage requirements for Medical Imaging and ePHI with “Ensuring the Secure Availability of Medical Images and Other Patient Health Information” eBook

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Scality RING
Offers Efficiency and Lower TCO for ePHI

Regulators, practitioners and patients are demanding a more unified and accessible 360º record in the electronic health record (EHR). Ensuring that ePHI is available immediately requires robust underlying storage with scalability, integrity & availability, efficiency and simplicity (ease of management and integration). See our solution sheet to learn how Scality RING can meet those requirements.

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