Backup Storage Dramatically Reduces the Risk of Data Loss

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Backups matter, and CTOs & CIOs know it. Scality understands the unique application requirements specific ISVs such as Veritas, Commvault, and Veeam place on storage to ensure a cost-effective and reliable backup solution that can scale as required for today’s ever-demanding Digital Business.

Scality provides the only storage to lower TCO by allowing users to mix and match standard servers. Unlike conventional storage, this enables worry-free capacity expansion as the data is managed by software and not tied to appliance form factors.

Ensuring that data is always available no matter what disaster occurs requires a backup storage solution that understands your scale, integrity and speed requirements.



Cost-effectively grow to meet new organizational and business requirements across the enterprise using industry standard X86 hardware instead being locked into a proprietary architecture.



Unlike conventional NAS, Scality enables high availability and 14 nines durability. And unlike other object storage solutions, Scality enables durability and overhead ratios to match backup value.



What was once acceptable for backup and restore is no longer close to an option today. High-density hard drives deliver recovery in hours, not days.

Scality Backup Storage Ecosystem

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Backup Storage Value Points


Lower Costs

Scality Enterprise Backup is the only storage solution to lower TCO by allowing a mix and match of standard servers. Unlike conventional storage, Scality Backup enables worry-free capacity expansion, as data is managed by the software, and not tied to appliance form factors.

Safer Data

Unlike conventional NAS, Scality enables high availability and 14 nines durability, including multisite options to tolerate entire site failure. Unlike other object storage, enables different durability and overhead ratios to match backup value (policy-based EC).

Perfect Fit

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to the demands a backup solution will place on Digital Business today. Scality’s Customer Services team brings decades of experience to help customize our Ring within your specific environmental requirements.

Viable Options

Many feel stuck between the pervasiveness of tape and the demands of supporting an on-demand, distributed enterprise. Where do they go from here? Scality works closely with select backup ISV’s such as Veritas, Commvault, Veeam, etc. to ensure proper configuration, tuning and performance in order for you to have choices.

Better Support

Customer satisfaction and uptime are paramount to Scality. Ask any of our customer and they will attest to our world-class response time. We are also consistently recognized by the industry analysts such as the Gartner Group and IDC as a leader in object and cloud storage. 

Faster Recovery

Unlike conventional Network Attached Storage (NAS), Scality Enterprise Backup enables high density hard drive recovery in hours, not days.

Certified Backup Applications

Traditional backup and recovery applications.

Certified Cloud Native Backup Applications

Cloud native backup methodology applications such as file Sync & Share.


“IDC reports worldwide purpose-built backup appliance factory revenues are down for Q3 2016”

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