Software-defined Storage Day

Software-defined storage (SDS) has arrived—and it’s redefining IT.

Already, Scality RING SDS is powering digital business for hundreds of global customers like Comcast, Dailymotion, Orange, and Time Warner Cable. With multi-petabytes of capacity. Zero (yes, zero!) downtime. And up to 90% savings over traditional storage.

Find out how Scality makes storage magic — at SDS Day. Join us for a fast-paced, insight-packed agenda featuring:

  • Keynote addresses
  • SDS use-case sessions
  • Customer presentations
  • Expert panels on Big Data, Predictive Analytics, IoT, and their implications for storage
  • Networking with storage architects, Scality partners, and your peers

Attend SDS Scality Day 2017 in your favorite city, near or far.

SDS Day Photo Slideshow

  • SDS Day 2016 Paris

We hope to see you at a SDS Day event!