SDS Days 2018

Setting the Stage for SDS in 2018:

Creating Value with Data: any time, any scale, any cloud!

Why does it matter?

We are at the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, a revolution that is transforming pretty much everything in our to digital form. As Data becomes the most critical asset in our value-driven economy, most of the creation of that value will be in digital form. Thus, the freedom to store, find and process data at any scale on- or off-premises, on any cloud and with 100% uptime is invaluable. It is even more critical than ever to be able to control the data you own at any time. In this digital world, the efficiency and agility of IT will define the competitiveness of the enterprise.

At this year’s SDS Days, we will discuss today’s critical technological and business challenges, and how industry leaders approach those challenges. You will meet Industry Experts, Partners and our own CEO, CPO and Chief Architect. You will hear about crucial technology trends and current state-of-the-art Software Defined Storage deployments.

Some of our speakers:

  • Jerome Lecat / Scality / CEO

  • Paul Speciale / Scality / Chief Product Officer
  • Brad King / Scality / Chief Architect

  • Mathieu de Fressenel / HPE / VP & France BU Director

  • Tony Stranack / HPE / Head of Information and Data Strategy EMEA

  • Simon Hayland / Data MetaMorph / Managing Director

  • Arnaud Muller / Saagie / CEO

  • Bruno Landes / SNCF / Réseau, Direction Ingenierie

  • Jean Christophe Michelin / SNCF / Projects Expert Scientifique et technique du Réseau

  • Renaud Massé / AP-HM / Responsable infrastructure Direction des Services Numériques

  • Marc Woosnam /Telent / Head of MSP

  • Matt Latter / Telent / Solution Architect

What can you expect at SDS Day?


  • A warm welcome from Scality Executives, Technical Staff and Partners
  • A discussion on the Future of Storage: “Be Ready”
  • Hear from Scality Partners
  • Real-life Case Studies from Scality Customers
  • Panel Discussion: Your Questions, Answered
  • Networking and Refreshments
  • A better understanding of how SDS can benefit your organization

Join us!

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